As my latest story ‘Star Galaxy for the World‘ book has action qualities for healing so for the start of the Blog I will be focusing on these: dreams, transformation, kindness, wonder, expansion, peace, gratitude and creativity. My stories and art are created with dreams as inspiration. I have collected meaningful dreams and recorded them in my diary or on my Dream Wheel as a form of celebration and honoring for 40 years. Dream Wheels becomes a portal back to the dreams themselves. Over the years I have recorded 2000 dream segments on my Wheels. Let me tell you of my first time of remembering my dreams. Sometimes traumatic situations with divine limitations seem to be set but can become an opportunity to gain wisdom and healing. In one such incident when I was traveling in Europe forty years ago I was all alone and was in an outrageous situation in which I did not know if I would live or not and in a dream I saw a vision of a Bird Helmet which turned out to be a healing caduceus for me. I dreamed of a safe and happy place beyond the pain. In my Bird Helmet I could fly to new lands. Later I honored this dream by writing and painting about the happy place called Dodoland where you could become your dream. In this way it became possible for it to be a dream transfer gift for the world.

My mother and father when I got back to Canada even made me a Bird Helmet to wear for storytelling. I story told the story of Dodoland to thousands. Journey to Dodoland then became a book in Los Angles and 6000 were given to underprivileged children. It had A Giant Flower Island in it which were macro-photos by Dale Bertrand. The story went further when a dance specialist from New York, who was also a Producer, decided to have the story come alive in a theatrical dance production. Over seven years it was danced at iconic places like the Museum of Natural History, Brooklyn Academy of Music, and the Smithsonian to 100,000 children. The story was also taken to many challenged children including those in hospitals and also performed in all the schools in East Harlem. It then was chosen in Canada to be a site on the internet in 1995 for children (and those young at heart) and was showcased in a program to teach writers, artists, and storekeepers about this new thing called the internet. It became a site developed by myself and my husband Dale Bertrand as a act of love that has now has had 2 million visitors. We have had it free for twenty-five years as a gift to the world. I am sharing this story as I wish for my life story to be an inspiration for others to create from their dreams and for you too to share your dreams with others to make our world and more creative and happier place. The question of the day is: HAVE YOU BEEN TO DODOLAND? Comments are always appreciated. Thanks so much!

Popular Answered Questions (This is from Good Reads)

If you could travel to any fictional book world, where would you go and what would you do there?

Della Burford I must say I would go to a fictional world I created – Dodoland.. where you can “Be what you want to be”. First I would meet the Elemental Dodo who used to be the Dodo bird on the earth and since he was unloved came to this land where he can now be what he wants to be. He is part bird, fish, and dragon. He says I first must meet the Cooey who is part unicorn and nautilus and receive a candy heart of love to enter the land. 

Good Reads asked Della Burford:

How do you get inspired to write? (Question from Good Reads)

Della Burford I get a lot of my inspiration from travel and also from my dreams. I record my dreams every year in my dairy and then once a year put them on a mandala I call the Dream Wheel.