In my class on “Living your Mythic Edge” with Robert Moss in 2018 our assignment was to go into the dream state and see a door. At that door was an unexpected guest. I saw two eagle feathers on a hat at my Door with an Unexpected Guest —— 
My unexpected guest to my door was my friends Vern Harper .. he came and shook my hand. He had two eagle feathers on his hat. He was a good friend of my husband and myself who passed to the Spirit world three weeks ago. (2018).

Reality Check: Vern was 86, my husband Dale and I were working with him decades ago in special projects at the Wandering Spirit Survival School in Toronto I had many dreams of Vern this week. These projects started in 1979 and went thru the 1980’s He was one of the kindest people I knew. He was a very special person and helped so many people in the community with his thoughts, and sweat lodge. He was actually given chaplain status and could go into the prisons to do sweats with the native prisoners. I believe one of the first to do this.

With his death, I knew I would be having dreams. I felt very comforted to see him at my door and thankful afterward for the dreams. I remember us doing a sweetgrass ceremony before the day started with the children at the school. Also remember him after a weekend of speaking of ceremonies “to help in times to come” as they did ceremony sometimes thinking of seven generations ahead as he said they were told in the prophecy that difficult times would be in the future. I think of the Pandemic today in 2020 and feel the prayers then were to help us today.

Dreams: Rainbow-colored ribbons spiraled to me in the dream to signal that this was an answer to my indicating earlier that his death was a “this is a dream” moment for me. Later I saw in my dream some beautiful owl feathers. 

I sometimes go into awake dream states on our zero gravity chair and saw the week after his passing various power animals and a hat that was buffalo like. ( Vern in a ceremony in the ’90s with a group in the Kootenay Valley did wear a buffalo hat) Had a dream Monday morning when awakening of a cloud floating…….
all around and tears coming from the clouds. That night when I dreamt saw a corral with horses and there was a buffalo. Vern was there. ( a picture had been posted a photo of him looking at a musical box with horses that he loved ). As dreams will do something unusual happened – an image of a buffalo flew over the whole scene as if it was jumping over the moon

The next day, as I focused on peace at my throat before sleeping and a white buffalo medicine person (a person with a white buffalo headdress) expressed love for his family. Later in that dream saw Vern with the eagle feather in his hair and he had a bone breastplate on and his hand raised in a warrior stance and a right hand up in a peace gesture and he made a cry for peace.… I had a feeling of the saying when I woke up that ” wolves must become lambs” and saw a wolf in the liminal state morph into a lamb.

Two weeks ago just after Vern passing had a dream that there were two circles of people around a fire.. in the inner circle were the closest friends .. the outer were still friends but not as close. After the people left (as it was outside) the various animals from the forest came .. an eagle was circling above.. all were there in reverence for the person being honored. I felt Vern was in the center. There was the feeling of a spirit rising with an ethereal white Eagle Spirit circling…..

Reality check: In the morning, I knew they had a fire burning for him continuously at the Native Centre in Toronto in 2018 from Monday to Thursday the week after he passed and various people were attending it as the fire was to be kept burning day and night during this period for a week. I had been communicating with two children of his children thru their comments online re the photos taken by Dale Bertrand that I had found of them at the Wandering Spirit Survival School when they were young children .. as synchronicity has it these photos had been stored for forty years and just been found and were being digitized by us the week he passed not being aware at the time that they would be needed to reflect of the time we all had together.

Vern Harper and Peter Duryea who had the “vision” and ran a Tipi Camp in the Kootenays.
Vern Harper (Urban Elder – Shaman) when Della was doing an Ontario Arts Council grant at the Wandering Spirit Survival School in 1979. She and Dale Bertrand went each year (sometimes with the Inner city Angels) for four years to do various projects- art, writing, (Magical Earth Secrets was painted) drama ( The Coyote Boy story of Vern’s) murals ( Medicine Wheels with Dale) and movement with Tedrian Chizik.
Della Burford and Vern Harper by Kootenay Lake when leading a workshop in the Kootenay.
This is a page from the book ‘Art for One World” by Della Burford