The story of “Magical Earth Secrets” came from a dream one night, when I woke up with a ring of light on my finger in 1977 and started to write. Then I did the painting and started storytelling the story. “Magical Earth Secrets‘ was a play in New York in 1985 before it became a book. “Journey to Dodoland – Dodoland had been very successful as a play and the city of New York asked Imaginations Unlimited if they would produce another play to take into the children in Harlem for a program called Project Opportunidad. Tedrian Chizik chose Magical Earth Secrets.

Merian Soto played the Earth Seed and Chicky chicky and Mirabai the Love Wind, Mermaid and Crystal Wish. Larry Karush was the Musical Director. I (Della) performed when in New York the Wise Lotus One. I designed the Sets and Costumes for the production. It was very exciting to see the vision I had in a dream in 1977 come to life. The story is about loving and taking care of all aspects of our Planet Earth. It has since become a very successful play in Japan , and in 2018 had a children’s dance improv of it in Bali, and this year in 2020 will be translated into Dutch for an video storytelling.

I have specifically added a language translation on the right to my BLOG posts so so my posts can be read by many languages. My stories are for everyone.

It has been a show by a Dance Company – Maria Formolo Dance. It has been a Performance in Japan for many years with a whole community involved. Thanks to Kazuko Asaba and Ruu Ruu. It has been performed by schools in Toronto. It is about loving and protecting our earth. It is a universal story and can be for any country. Please let me know if you want to tell the story or share it in your country in some creative way. As Medicine Man Vern Harper, (who we worked with at the Wandering Spirit Survival School) said to me in a dream ” We are Keepers of Humanities Circle.

Thanks Della Burford

This is a photo of the group who performed ‘Magical Earth Secrets’ in N.Y.C. On the right Tedrian Chizik as the Eagle Child, to the left Merian Soto as Earth Seed, behind Larry Karush Musical Director, beside him Mirabai Daniels as Love Wind. Sun Ray & Musician behind, in the front Della Burford as Lotus One.
This show the performers of ‘Magical Earth Secrets’ and the painting that became part of the book: Love Wind, Sun Ray, Star Bird and Crystal Wish are some of the little people sharing Secrets for us to love and protect the Earth.
A beautiful performance done by Maria Formolo in Edmonton. Noreen Crone Findlayson was the Puppeteer and Pauline La Bel the Star Bird.
The show of “Magical Earth Secrets” has been performed for many years in Japan. In Japan it is called “Majical Rainbow”. Kazuko Asaba and Ruu Ruu have been involved in Producing. Ru Ruu is a Costume Designer. Dale and I went to Japan in 2018 to see the show at the Kanazawabunko Festival.