Interestingly, in the 2nd class with the Peruvian Shaman, he had us hold the crystal stone from the mesa in a ceremony… I put it to our 3rd eye… I then saw an eye and it became the portal to an incredible inner journey. The iris became turquoise green and in the center was the earth and after had a night sky.. galactic feel too .. then it transformed and water poured out of it like tears for renewal.. it seemed to go on and on.. and then the iris turned to a sky blue and then later a yellow golden color. I am in gratitude for this inner journey. Thank you! I was speechless for hours.

I thought of a painting I had done called Shaman’s Eye with a huge eye in the center and shows many portals to journeying. The shaman drum, Buddha, elephant dream and druid mystic are some shown.

After the healing journey, yesterday decided to lie down and see what dreams come. This is when the best part comes to me. Well, it was a journey out into the ocean with a dolphin. There were three people on dolphins following each other. There were others on a ship. When it stopped on land I saw various animals who had little ones.. like a wolf with cubs, a hen with chicks and a cat with kittens. Then saw a man release a hundred pink flamingos that were in a cage. It was Freedom personified. Someday will paint these gifts given to me. These are the kind of dreams I paint and like to share with others as they are uplifting.

Fascinating to me that my dream after doing the healing ceremony was of riding a dolphin. It was like incredible dolphin energy and I moved very fast thru the water. From my real life, I was reminded of the memory of painting the Rainbow Dolphin for my Dodoland story. Rainbow Dolphin leaves a rainbow behind and takes those who journey there to a Giant Flower Island. When writing the story my husband, Dale Bertrand, decided that the dolphin should be in it as he loved dolphins and admired the work of Jean Costeau. When I asked “What fantasy animal would you like to be? He became the Rainbow Dolphin and this was included in the story. Interestingly I also have a Dancing Flamingo in Dodoland who cannot dance but who learns to be free.

For the story then and today, to Dolphins and Flamingos and their special energy – I am in a happy place. By telling this hope to also put you in a happy place.

We have traveled physically to many countries and also had many teachers that have taken us on different inner journeys. Both Dale and I enjoy the overlap of many beautiful spiritual traditions. I want to thank the Peruvian Shaman for sharing and all of the others in the group who are sharing too! Each is on their own journey and I respect and love to hear of everyones journeys. I also know the deeper I go that I get the feeling that “The world is One“!

My question is: What Dolphin journey do you want to take?

Painting is ‘Rainbow Dolphin’ painted for the book “Journey to Dodoland’ – second edition “Adventure in Dodoland’ by Della Burford

Going on the back of the Dolphin to the Giant Flower Island in Dodoland . Macro-photos by Dale Bertrand to take you to when things are humdrum to something beautiful!