We have many Animal Guides to take us to new levels of awareness. In doing the a Peruvian ceremony in July 2020 merged with a few Guides. One was with my hands in a rhomboid over the navel during the ceremony felt an eagle hovering over my head and flapping its wings. This reminded me of three paintings – one I did for my Dream Wheels book as had many dreams of eagles and another two were the Creativity and Intuition Storyteller in ‘Star Galaxy for the World’. I put the hands Creativity Storyteller in a rhomboid “creativity” mudra when painting her.

But back to the Peruvian ceremony. With a higher eeeeeee in the ceremony was surprised to see a dolphin guide. Over many years have loved the dolphins. My husband loved dolphins too and so I painted him as a Rainbow Dolphin for my story ‘Journey to a Dodoland’. He took us to some Giant Flowers which was so beautiful and in the book we showed macro photos of flowers. When I thought of this during the ceremony went and got a bouquet of amazing pink flowers to put on the table in front of me. The flowers came yesterday in the most serendipity way as Dale went to the ocean to walk our little dog and there on a bench was the bouquet with a note “lost bouquet” so he bought it home to me. My friend Beth on hearing this said “yes a random act of kindness”. We all need random acts of kindness every now and then in our lives to bring us to our heart chakra. Also they reverberate to somewhere else in the world. A smile can do this.

Getting back to the ceremony and the next part is connected to the ocean felt the flow of the ocean and also remembered painting the dolphins for my ‘Dream Gifts for the Planet Earth’ story which has a dolphin and a Mermaid reminding us that we must love and protect the ocean and that us and all living things have ocean energy. I remembered from the story to say: “I and the ocean are one, I love the ocean, I give thanks for the ocean, I and all living things have Ocean Energy.” I went and got the painting that represented this and put it by the mesa for the last part of the ceremony. I felt an energy connection of merging with the water of the Ocean.

After the ceremony did in the evening did a zoom with various new friends and they spoke of the Rainbow Warrior. I felt the energy of a time past when I spent more than a decade telling stories as the Bird Woman of the Rainbow and this was painted by a native artist who did a portrait of me in the early 1980’s when I was doing a project at the Wandering Spirit Survival School that I put on the table by the mesa as a reminder of this time. I am thank so many for these beautiful moments and memories. In gratitude.

Lost Bouquet Dale found down by the ocean and brought to Della
Mermaid – Dolphins – Painting by Della Burford for ‘Dream Gifts for the Planet Earth
Painting of Della Burford done by Paul Shilling in 1985