I (Della Burford) have loved following Kathleen Scarboro’s art over many years. Recently she posted an article from Terra Green with an interview by N. Kalyani. From it I discovered she has just written a book ‘Vagabond Soul‘ which features her painting done over the last 20 years. Her painting are about communication and looking at other people and their ways of live. Her goal in many paintings is to show our oneness with nature. I have chosen to figure Kathleen’s work on my blog in the Medicine Wheel section as I feel this is so essential or the world today – that we realize our oneness and not separation. She believes this and that she is searching for meaning in a world that has transformation.

She has showed bodies of water like rivers, wells, sea and the Ganges. She showed the Ganges as having a purpose of purification in a gilcee of a painting we showed in a painting show we organized and curated in Bali featuring the ‘Society for Art of Imagination‘ artists. Dale and myself (Della Burford) were luck to now have this gilcee of this work of art in our home. It is in my new painting nook.

We share a common interest in India as both travelled there. She has shown in her painting the cultural, architectural, and heritage of India. She has included a painting poetry format for her book which features many poems and literary works of India.

When I asked Kathleen if dreams influenced her paintings he replied: “‘Apsaras’ (mythical divine dancers) are in many of my paintings. I think about my dreams a lot; they seem to be another dimension I visit regularly that is just as authentic as the dream we call daily life”.

Dale Bertrand and myself ( Della Burford) Having been to India twice and also loving we congratulate Kathleen on her latest book and paintings. I will post the article in conversation with Kathleen Scarboro in Terra Green below the photo from the book ‘Imagination Reigns” .

Della Burford

Photo from book “Imagination Reigns’ assembled and designed by Della Burford
Article from Terra Green by N. Kalyani
Page from the book ‘Imagination Reigns’ by Azatlan available on Amazon
Kathleen Scarboro’s Studio
Kathleen as well as being a painter is a Sculptor.
Kathleen Scarboro’s love of India is shown in her painting. She paints these in a labor intensive fashion in a technique which the the Flemish Renaissance painter used.