Turn up your imagination and wonder and lead a more enriched and inspired life. Had the privilege of putting together (curating) a show in Bali and the book called ‘Imagination Reigns” I chose positive, life-affirming images. The artists in doing these paintings were sharing vision, imagination, wonder and dreams.

In the front of the book ‘Imagination Reigns” there is an introduction which included Brigid Marlin ( Founder of the Society of Art of Imagination) with a history of the Art of Imagination. I felt honored to share this vision and goal she has had most of her life to encourage artists to be imaginative. It enriches our world and now is needed more than ever. Let’s keep creativity and wonder going do this during this difficult time in the world and keep things positive.

I had the privilege of growing up with a mother , Desiree Burford, who was an artist and also one with vision. Her main goal and one she shared with me was being creative and she encouraged me to make this has been a major goal of my life.

The “Imagination Reigns” books acknowledge our creative potential and so “Imagination does reign“. Some of the artists in the book were at the time of publication part of the Canadian branch but this has dissolved and the American branch with France Garrido, Olga Spiegel, & Miguel Tio at the helm still exists. But there are artists from many countries. In the book including Brigid Marlin, Jean Pronovost, Wayan Karja, Benny Anderson, Cynthia Re Robbins, Debra Keirce, Gaia Orion, Kathleen Scarboro, Olga Spiegel, Miguel Tio, Michael Coleman, William Otto, Irene Vincent, Liba W.S, Lyne Lafontaine, Joanne St. Cyr, Rosemary Stehlik, Chris Dyer, Heidi Taillefer, Jerome Bertrand, Geogina Smith, Dustyn Lucas, Ricky Shaede, Zeeka, Andrew Gonzalez, Fay Marnineau and Sylke Gande. Any participating artists can let me know and I will send a free digital copy.

Society of Art of Imagination had an incredible exhibition of the artists in New York with the help of New York Artists like France Garrido, Miguel Tio and Olga Spiegel. My wish is that all of the artists continue to be Creative and keep their doors open to Wonder. If any of you are having exhibitions (online) or have had interviews please let me know. I have just included one by Kathleen Scarboro and Ricky Schaede. Thanks to all artist who participated. Thanks also to Norah Burford, Dale Bertrand and Karja who also helped with the show. in Bali Thanks also to the Balinese artists who participated too.

Imagination and Wonder circle the globe. Using our unique expression can guide us as we circle. Let’s be part of the organic web and flow. I will feature various artists to share their ‘Wonder’ energy as I continue the blog.

Let’s change fear to creativity!

Cover of book and Poster for Imagination Reigns show
Page from “Imagination Reigns” book
France Garrido who is the head of the American branch
Olga Spiegel from Imagination Reigns – part of the New York branch of Society for Art of Imagination.
Miguel Tio who is part of the Society for Art of Imagination in New York.

Imagination Reigns was compiled by Della Burford who lives on Vancouver Island in Canada.