It certainly is something unusual to find someone that is interested and ask what has influenced your art and stories.

I was interviewed by Rosemary Scherba four times and talked to her how important my Dreams were in developing my work. I talked about the support from my husband Dale Bertrand (see photo below) and the influence of many different individuals who have been inspiration and creations for humanity and our planet earth. I wrote a list which I will include below.. these are just a few of the many who have been inspiring and collaborative.

Here is Rosemary’s research and article written Part 3:

Della Burford as an artist has unique qualities that bleed over into her work. Dreams and her imagination are the source of her art and her poems and stories. She has studied under teachers on dreams and continued to learn more about them. She has recorded her dreams each year for over 40 years, keeping track of them and painting them on large mandalas. Ms. Burford uses primarily water-based paints in her artwork and uses the flow of the water to blend colors and create shapes as stories evolve in her paintings. (Della, Russia) “..I studied with the shaman in the 80s and 90s who was also a student of doctor Carl Jung and he helped us in many ways over decades to take my dreams to new levels. My dreams help show me what is important for my soul and spirit in life and what to focus on.” (Art for One World, p11)

In addition to her mother, Della Burford credits her artistic influences as Ernest Fuchs, a painter of fantasy realism using the “mische” technique, Brigid Marlin, an American artist who studied under Ernst Fuchs and created the “Society of Art of Imagination,” and Pat Brennan, a sculptor and creative artist in Toronto. Others who have influenced her approach to life experiences include dream teachers, Tibetan spiritual leaders, and creative performers and dancers. When looking at those she has influenced, perhaps the largest population would be the many children from all walks of life that because of her imaginative books, storytelling productions, and her encouragement have found their own creativity and gained confidence in their ability to create.

While Della Burford’s artistic contributions are many and on-going, they are not part of what many would consider the mainstream visual arts world we know today. What she has brought instead is perhaps an example of how leading a creative life and relying on your dreams can lead to unexpected and varying opportunities, adventures, and relationships with others as long as you are open to them. As a graphic design student, I have appreciated learning about her travels and experiences and how they are all interrelated with her art. Her willingness to share her dreams, her art, and her stories and her volunteering for those less fortunate have truly made the world better fo

those less fortunate have truly made the world better for many who have experienced her creativity. For her, the artistic life is just that, it is not a job or a skill, it is way of being. As Della states in Art for One World, “Here’s to all creation to help humanity and our planet earth.”

Article written by Rosemary Scherba

Rosemary Scherba’s Graphic Representation showing the support of Della’s husband Dale Bertrand – They collaborate on many projects together. Original photo Fabrizio Belardetti

INSPIRATION/COLLABORATION: List written by Della in thinking of inspiration and collaboration. Thanks to so many!!

Desiree Burford  – my mum was my creative inspiration and support

Dale Bertrand – my husband Dale has supported me in all projects

My sister Norah Burford …. also Lauren Mccarthy and late Bruce McCarthy.

Buckminster Fuller Della saw him speak in 1979 and as he spoke he turned into a white ball of light and his body disappeared.  Della realized it was possible to be connected to be cosmic and connected to Galactic energy.

Aroon Shivadasani – Indo American Arts Council – Aroon & Indur were hosts in India when Dale and Della visited in 1973. Della created “Journey to a Lotus.”

Dream teacher who Della studied with after publishing Dream Wheels. Della has done many Dream courses with him over an eight-year period.Robert Moss

Tenzin Wanghal Rinpoche – Dream teacher & Tibetan Spiritual leader at GlideWing.

Ernst Fuchs –Painter of fantasy realism using the mische technique

Brigid Marlin –Creator of the Society of Art of Imagination where Della showed her paintings in Ottawa, Montreal, New York, and Peru. Featured in Dodoland online. France Garrido, Olga Spiegal, Miguel Tio in N.Y.C.

My twin Donna Yerxa supported my creative ideas and even helped do drawings for Miracle Galaxy when living in British Columbia.

Marijke Sluitjer–Educator from Holland who Della met in Sweden. 

Pat Brennan – Sculptor and creative artist in Toronto.

Howard Jerome and Alice Jerome – Clown and Performance Masters in Ontario.

 Richard Pochinkio & Ian Wallace Clown Master who taught Baby Clown in Toronto-

Norah Burford –  sister who coordinated our 5 Workshops in Bali – major Angel

The many people who have attended workshops in Bali – Wallace Murray, Melissa, Frances, Grace, HiSusan, Leema, Eric, Alden, Irene , Fabrizio, Saharnaz, Charlene and Dewa Adwisma gave us a lot of help.

Peter Wilson and his amazing projects. Let us stay in his beautiful house in Bali.

Dodoland helpers – Dr Mazurek, Doug Riseborough, Elisa Lodge

Many Angels –many have helped and been inspiration to keep the work going.

Dragon Ship friends – Tom, Sal, Lucy, Virgil, Bruce, Ava,Bob, George, Jean Thomas, Banana and Russell Coull

Housemates – past and present – Nate, Chris, Kelsey & Dan

Ko Chi Sung and family- who visited us in Japan and Canada


Merian Soto– who danced and choreographed for Dodoland in New York. Also Mirabia Daniels and Diane Godynick

I Made Sidia  & Suastini – who collaborated on dances of Dodoland and Magical Earth in Bali.

Magical Earth Secrets was also in Edmonton by Maria Formolo Dance.  Noreen Crone Findlayson – puppet

Wayan Karja – collaborated in Art Shows of Dream Wheels, Dream Gifts, Workshops in Bali

Kazuko Asaba – who created many art projects around Della’s books in Japan and co-produced “Magical Rainbow” – Magical Earth Secrets.

Ruu Ruu Costume Designer & Producer of Magical Earth Secrets & Miracle Galaxy

Julie Lyon Lieberman – Musical Director of Dodoland in New York. Former Directors Jerry Schrair and Larry Karush

Penn Kemp  – Soundscapes for Sacred Stones in Miracle Galaxy in Vancouver Island.

David Walsh – has always believed in my work. 

Vern Harper – Della did many projects at the Wander Spirit Survival School.

Pauline Shirt– Co-Founder at Wandering Spirit in Toronto. Cultural Keeper.

Aaron Zerah – collaborated in the Spirit Storybooks in British Columbia.

Future Vessel in Sweden.  art we collected for Globetree in Stockholm

Marijke Slutijer .. who I was privileged to meet in Sweden and continued work with her over the years from Holland to Canada

Diana Rhodes of the Seeds of Life Peace Foundation in Wales who we collected wishes for her book ‘Peace Scroll”

Paul Vrenken – created a video of Magical Earth Secrets in Holland.

Glen Burford/ Chris Martin– always there with technical help– major Angels

Yasmin Glanville –ignited Milestones incorporated in Art for One World

Sue Fox Paul George who helped create the Magical Earth Secrets book

Karin Clifford, Brenda Parres, Jane Howard Baker – former Directors of Inner City Angels

Deborah Dunleavy -artist friend since Inner City Angels days

Harri Maki who is always there .. Sharlene also always keeping in touch

Sylvia Symons, Janice Klassen, Lauren Towers,Virgil Scott, Russ Coull, Myriam, Gayle Rod Garrison

Jacquie Howardson – edited so many of my books – did project in Korea’s Dream Center together.

Gloria Arroyo who taught me dance in Mexico & arranged event at University in Guadelajara.. recently met her in Los Ayala to do dance for Topia

Paul Hugo Khan Skywalker and his drums, Michael Golland

Many others in the Burford and Williams family

Liberty, Aaron Smart and . Ollie, Barney, Buffy, Rainbow and Sarah Williams

Lucy and Jack Mattice, late Sharon Mattice and Gord, Jorge, Veroncia and Aldo.

Stephen Leavitt – who did a Podcast of the Earth Action book for Spaceship Earth.

Many Visionary Artists

Many wonderful cohearts who were in the 2nd Design Science Center group piloted by Roxi Shohadee , Nicolas Alcala and Bliss.

Thanks to Mark Smith, Dehanna Rice, Veronica, Amanda Sage, Alecia Sacred Heart and many more artists at the Design Science Studio.

The two times at the Space Camp and special thanks to Faith Flanigan

Particular thanks to Julian Ramirez who created the animation of Star Galaxy for the World with Struppi’s music and Freemans’s tech advise on sound.

All dream friends! – to list a few Raimonda , Meredith, Toni, Margit, Lalenya, Carol Anne, Jim , Luis, Darlene, Patti, Alayna, Shalanhia, Lawrence, Ingrid, Becky and many more! Special thanks to Mitch Gold and to artists France, Brigid, Olga, Sorian, Ricky, Liba, and Gaia.

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Rosemary Scherba’s Graphic Representation of importance of dreams in Della Burford’s work. Photo – “Visionary Alchemy” show New York.
Rosemary Scherba’s Representation of the ‘Wonder’ painting by Della Burford and the importance of our connection to the cosmos.
Rosemary Scherba’s graphic Graphic Representation of Della Burford painting ‘Shaman’s Eye’ & the philosophy to be collective and collaborative.
From Rosemary Scherba’s examples – Watercolor and liquid acrylic, published in Journey to a Lotus. From the “Vision” page in the artist’s portfolio on her website. This painting won the “2019 Russia Arts Award in the Visionary category for Graphic Art ” and has been shown in gallery exhibitions.