Funny how idea develop. Saw a poem called the Quilt for Humanity that my friend Marijke Sluijter in Holland shared. In the poem it stated how each person is a thread on the same quilt of life and I extended it to all of life. I took this idea further in creating a collaborative collage to show various artist work and share their light . I put the word out on a public message on December 12th and was surprised to get 30 artists exploring their “inner child” that wanted to contribute. It is three section – a triptych. This is part of Design Science Studio project called ‘Earth Action” with the Buckminster Fuller Institute. I want to thank so much Nehra Misra, Louise Lalande, Andrei Saavedra Lopez, Sequoia, Alex Chemer, Dale Bertrand, A. Andrew Gonzalez, Yanika Chermersov, Julian Ra, Jeet Gupta, Les Harper, Jeremias Di Polita, Jonathon Von Meter, Rahul Bader , Olga Spiegel, Sylke Gande, Rosie Eileen Rose, Haris Adele, Andrea Spalding, Dale BertrandMui Kono Zaczkowski, Elisa Halvegard, Vera Atlantia, Basma OJan Grygier, Lalénya Laurie Vann, Kathleen Scarboro, Allycia Uccello ,Irene Vincent, Krisztina Lazar, Meena Surya Sangita, France Garrido, De Es, Ginger Ingalls, Hayley Coull, Amanda Sage Arts, Alecia Sacre Coeur, ML. Ogilvie , Jennifer McEuen, Jamie Baldwin, Benny H.V. Andersson, Kerstin Zettmar – thanks to all – you have each symbolically added an essential thread to this Quilt Collage! Tagged all but highlighted are all those that allowed tagging. thanks also to Roxi Shohadaee, Faith Flanigan, Amanda Joy Ravenhill, Bliss and Nicolas Alcala Della Burford.

Then made three Pecha Kuchas .. quite a process learning this.. but finally finished. You can get to the to two part from this link.

Happy New Year everyone!

3rd Part of the Quilt for Humanity