First to share a little about the development of ‘Star Galaxy of the World”. Sometimes stories just seem to appear but when you look into them there is a history or her story.

So … Its (Star Galaxy for the World) is a message embedded from years of work. This story came from a story Miracle Galaxy I wrote when having cancer and contemplating the qualities needed to survive. As I was developing it we went to the World Island Festival in Korea and I told the story at a nurses collage. It was then shared with all the people supporting cancer patients at a centre called Inspire Health in 2007 and at the Cancer Clinic in Vancouver. Also the Kindness and Goodness Angel was shared to the people in New Town surviving the crisis of the shooting at the school in a Peace handbook created by Julie Lieberman. I realized it was not only a story for cancer patients and their support team but for anyone in crisis. It was performed in Japan by Ruu Ruu and 100% Parade when I saw it knew I should rewrite the story for not only individual healing but healing of the world. After I did the sketches of the storytellers I broke my femur so it was a struggle to be able to paint again as sitting up was a problem. But it DID get completed and the book came out. We then did a storytelling in Canada for Dale’s birthday. After COVID started and I saw the qualities needed to survive played out on the world stage the importance of the story got reaffirmed. During this time I became part of the Buckminster Fuller Institute’s Design Science Studio and there I met Julian Ramirez who embraced the story and it was made into a Topia site, New Art City installation and now animation “Star Galaxy for the World”. It has just been shown I AM PEACE film forum in Colombia. Thanks to so many people who have helped on this journey. My wish is for it to go out to many people.. the next step a screening for the Call to Earth project. Della Burford

But back to the important news today. The festival in Colombia. So excited that the animated film “Star Galaxy for the World” has been included.

Star Galaxy for the World

A Watch Party was hosted by Della Burford in Canada zia zoom to learn more about The Film Forum taking called l “I AM PEACE” Oct 3-7th 2022 in Colombia. People had a chance to meet the filmmaker Julian Ramirez (3-D and Designer) who created the animated film of Dellas’ book “Star Galaxy for the World.” The Film Forum’s Intent is for Collaborative Activities, Youth Activism, and Innovative partnerships. The Youth Activism component featured by many young filmmakers and one was Canadian Kasha Slavner Sequoia who presented “Sunrise Storytellers”.

There is also “Play and Fun for Peace” which had a light hearted approach.

Social impact is also felt in the “Message from the Kogi Tribe” who are in the Don Diego River Basin and includes many important messages for the world.

The Departments of the university include Medicine, Social Science, Philosophy and Law. In the Medicine category for films was the “Youth Health Champion”. In the Healing and Transformation category was Dehanna Rice’s film of “Breath of Peace”.

Also transformational was a film about” Hildegard of Bingen” by Michael M. Conti. Love the poem by Colleen Keating.

In the Healing category was : Wisdom about Life, Death and Medicine from an Elder Shaman .

Healing: Wisdom about life, death and Medicine from an Elder Shaman

It is a intimate portrait of elder shaman Itzhak Beery. He discusses shamanism, the difference between Eastern and Western healing modalities, the loss of his dear friend John Cook to cancer, and he reflects on his own battle with thyroid cancer.

Also at the Film Forum we enjoyed the art film called Spontaneous by Susan Bello and fascinated by the ‘Peace Angels” sculpture made from weapons which were confiscated made by artist Lin Evola.

Another category was Giving Peace a Chance and in this category was a film about a “Universal Peace Sanctuary”being visioned by his Eminece Shyalpa Tenzin Rinpoche. A beautiful plan in the making in Nepal.

Peace Education was highlighted and shown in the Film about what the people of Cameroon are doing with the children in the schools.

Peace Education for a more Peaceful Cameroon

Also at the Film Forum was Mesa de Tareas by Andrea Rey. A journey through three stages of life (childhood, adolescence, and adulthood) that has been documented over eighteen years on video. The film follows four siblings, showing the struggle for survival in a country that is characterized by social inequality. In the midst of such adversity, the true riches of the human being, values such as love, solidarity, and family union, become the strength and fortune of the protagonists.

Many short films are in the Imagine Peace category including “Star Galaxy for The World”. This is a film about finding kindness, gratitude, creativity and peace to strengthen ourselves and the planet.


There are many films in this category and and we have shown the graphics for a few like Fire against Fire, Gambia – Peace Core, Hole Hearted and You are not alone. We gave a link that took people to the I AM PEACE website to really explore the many more in this category.

We enjoyed watching at the Film forum A Whale Saved my Life a story was told of Nan Hauser who is the president of the Center for Cetacean Research and Conservation. She storytold about being saved when deep sea diving by being put on the head of a whale by a whale when a tiger shark came. She works with undersea creatures and shared the fact that whales have been studied and they have a lot of empathy.

As a response to seeing the screening of the animation of ‘Star Galaxy for the World” sound specialist and Creative and Innovation Coach Clare Hedin created a poem called “There is a Fabric” . Film maker Julian Ramirez mentioned how important collaboration was in developing Star Galaxy for the World. Struppi and his music improvisation and diversity was mentioned. Julian mentioned he enjoyed working with the organic art of both Della and Dale. Also the importance of the collaboration with Freeman from the Big Blast Band on the Technical aspect of the Voice Over was praised.

We were thrilled to have so many very special people come to the Watch Party. What an amazing group of people. This included Julian Ramirez ( 3-D, Designer) Dale Bertrand (Historical Research- Producer (Mitch Gold (architect of Home Planet, Russell Coull (mind expansion adventurer) – , Freeman ( Big Blast Band, Andrea Turrell (Yoga teacher, artist), Allycia Ucello (Artist and Sculptor), Wallace Murray ( Facilitator, Coaching}, Harlan ( Galactic Technology) , Harri Maki ( Music Producer), Jonathan D. Van Meter ( Recording and Prep for Broadcast) , Mark Smith (Eleprocon – Land of Insideout) , Meena – {Dancer – Japan}, Michael Bray (managment) , Curt McNamara (Educator and Mentor), Laurien Towers (Producer of Live Aid fame), Clare Hedin( Creative and Innovative Coach} and many more who said they are interested in looking at the video later. Thanks everyone – you are all special to us. We are all looking forward to seeing more in the future for the next I AM PEACE film forums.

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Special thanks to Gil Agnew who I have been communicating with in Bogota.