In 1973 I had a brush with cancer and had it treated. Various times in my life major problems have become the greatest opportunities to look at the world in a new way. Aware of my immortality I saw thru different eyes. Because I was teaching at Humber College and had summer off – we took a summer trip for four months to India. I consider this is part of my “Initiation Cycle”
In India wrote the poems: Bombay Chaos, The Music Starts, Krishna Plays, Searching, Baba and the Sun god, Twin Flames, Fire, Flower Fade, Buddha Kashmiri woman. The lotus flower became important to me and it and India ignited the desire to study the chakras which are the energy vortexes of the body and to study yoga. The chakras were represented in “Magical Earth Secrets” by little people and also in “Miracle Galaxy” as Angels ‘Star Galaxy’ as Storytellers
People:   Dale
Bertrand Aroon Indur
Shivdasani Virgil
Scott Rolland
Lynne Fernie
Aaron Zerah 

Research: Diary Photos Poems

The idea of ‘All is One’ resulted in the paintings – ‘All in One’ and then ‘Aural One’ and also my decision to paint the stories in “Spirit Stories’ written by Aaron Zerah.
      “Surreal dream with 40’s ford, moon and huge pop can”  
Revelations While in India had three revelations “listen to the birds” and “as a caterpillar changes to a butterfly you can fly and fly” These became the secret to and come back from Dodoland.    
    “Journey to a Lotus”. A series of poems and paintings – done as travelling throughout India. I had a third revelation in Bangalore and then in Kashmir
India that “ALL is ONE”. This became part of the poems for ‘Journey to a Lotus’ . The ‘all is one” is also at the end of ‘Magical Earth Secrets’ and ‘Star Galaxy for the World’
1974 Once again went to India for four months. Visited Ellora and Ajanta. Aroon and Indur were kind enough to let us stay at there at their house in Bombay between travelling around to various place in India. We traveled as far south at Trivandrum and to Madras too! One place we enjoyed very much was to stay in a houseboat in Kashmir. We traveled on the second trip with my brother Murray Burford and he bought many semi- precious stones that Dale and I put together into Necklace Designs and showed in Toronto at a Gallery. Murray was inspired by India and became a gemologist.   Dale Bertrand   Aroon & Indur
Shivdasani   Murray Burford Virgil Scott   Ava Stone
Bruce Pilowski
Tom Walsh
Tom & Sal
John McCleod
Brenda Parres
Bruce McCarthy
Bob Richardson 
  “Dreams of travel to the white curly haired moon, a Crystal Cup Lotus One Singing Tee and many other dreams of the Dragon Ship became part of Dodoland.”  
“Dream of a blind child of the water and was able to make it see”.
    Continued “Journey to a Lotus “   Painted Grandma Grandpa Flump.
Island of Eyes
Aroon asked me in 2006
” whatever happened to those poems you wrote and paintings done in India”. I designed the book “Journey to a Lotus”.
Milestone Grid done for 1973/74
‘Journey to a Lotus’ by Della Burford is available as soft cover and Kindle on Amazon