Milestones –

1977 “New Direction” – Met Dr. Dick Mazurek thru Doug Riseborough in the Kootenays after traveling from Japan. Before traveling to Japan Doug Riseborogh had us for dinner in his amazing log house overlooking the lake and said he wanted to find someone to publish Dodoland. He introduced us when we got back from Japan to Dr. Dick Mazurek. When we met at a trailer in the Kootenay he said: “I am Dr. Dick Mazurek, I want to publish your book. I want you to come to Los Angles to do it.”
Dale and I went to Los Angles for three months to help in the publication and I maintained creative control. It was a dream comes true. Dick said it was for the children of the world. He said there was no limit on the money to produce – it had to be just as I dreamed. It became a big book when big books did not exist. It had eight colors and 60 pages. Knew it was for growth and transformation of myself, others, and the world.

 After the book was published did workshops at Dewson, and Blake Schools with the Inner City Angels. Also got a grant from the Ontario Arts Council to take it back to Niagara on the Lake School where I had told the story before publication. Children wore costumes of “becoming what they wanted to be.”
People –
Desiree Burford
Lyle Burford
Mary Bertrand Elisa Lodge
John McCleod      Virgil Scott
Denise   Tom & Sal Williams
David Melville
Mia Parres
Terry Brown
& George
Bob Richardson
ML Ogilvie
Tony Hart
Evan & Eve Elkin
Bruce McCarthy
Lauren Tobin
Denise Tobin
David & Tom Walsh
Rolland Proulx
Norah Burford
(Freeman) & Lisa
Glen & Brenda
Rob & Laura
Ben Kempster
Calum Kempster
Emma Kempster
Murray & Golda
The Burfords
Ava Stone
Doug & Jules Atkins
Russell Coull
All Williams
Deborah Dunleavy
Denise Lyons
Mitch Gold
Howard & Alice
Harri Maki
Chris Martin
Cousin Gail
Myrian Anton
Elle Anton
Ollie Willliams
Liberty Smart
Lucy Mattice
Sharon Mattice
Melda Bragg
Joan Gates
Jacquie Howardson
Yasmin Glanville
Pat Brennan
Virgil Scott
Elisa Lodge
Wallace Murray
Laurie McHale
Leema & Eric
Kazuko Asaba
Ruu Ruu
Gloria Arroyo
Laurien Towers
Grace Po
Frances Seaton
Susan Lee
Charlene &Victor
Sharlene Chaisson
Diane Godynick
Donna Yerxa
Flora Ressel
Holly Yerxa
Jane Howard Baker
Lynn Golding
Naomi Tyrell
Allycia Ucello
Penn Kemp
Janice Klassen
Marijke Sluitjer
Paul Hugh Khan Skywalker
Sylke Gande
Sue Fox
Paul George

Research: Diary

“Met a small boy in a dream who showed me a book on a pier” – later felt this was the Doctor Mazurek who published Dodoland. Later he took me to a pier at his home in Laguna Beach at Table Rock and showed me the pier in front of the condo and it felt like the pier in the dream.

In 1977 had a dream of    “Ring of rainbow light on my finger”. Woke up and wrote the first draft of “Magical Earth Secrets” story.

  Before publication of Dodoland had a dream of caterpillar tunnel and open space where people were flying butterflies… stopped the press to add  these details to book. Yes, as humans we can fly like birds.

Felt  “Everything is spirit. Everything is a gift!”

   Results –

  “Journey to Dodoland “ was published including the Nature Retreat of “Giant Flower Islands” with Dale Bertrand’s macro-photos of flowers.                Extravagant book printed with 8 colors and 60 pages. It won the P.I.A. Printers Institute of America Award as one of the best books in 1978.

Finding new friends. Knowing dreams are there for us to get wisdom from and grow.

Many friends have contributed their imaginative energy over many years.
Let’s remember to always be creative!
Thanks to so many people.

Ive had many dream friend who have helped to talk out ideas from dreams.. will post your names on other posts on the Blog.Other artists too who I have shown with.. I will be posting various artists work in the Blog. Presently have SORian’s work shown. Thanks everyone!

Milestone grid done for 1977
Cover of ‘Journey to Dodoland’ and ‘Dodoland Adventures’ by Della Burford
Doug Riseborough had a dinner party in the Kootenays and told Della he wanted to find someone to publish Dodoland … this he did .. in this photo is myself (Della Burford) with storytelling Bird Helmet, Doug Riseborough, my sister Norah Burford, and Doug Atkins. The photo was taken by Dale Bertrand.