2015 Sanctuary of Dream Healing .. Greek style – this was written after a class with Robert Moss Dreaming into Dreamtime taken by myself ( Della Burford).

Sometimes the place of initiation and Dream Incubation are not what is expected.
One time in my life I felt I met Ascelpius .. God of Healing in Greece.
I was very young ( 20’s) and don’t want to go into the details as wayyyy too
long a story .. but the situation was not good and I was
confined like a person with a deadly disease for one month.
I did not speak the language of the country I was in, could not move
around easily, and could not see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I went back into this experience last week during a class with Robert Moss – looking at it from a distant perspective, I can see many healing aspects.
The most healing thing that happened was ” that it was
the first time in my life I REMEMBERED MY DREAMS .. and they were vivid…
and full of life .. mermaids, healing fairies, magical birds. The next
healing things that happened is my sister Donna Yerxa sent a felt markers
set and I was able to draw and color my dreams and feel freedom.
I felt I was in a healing temple and was given a gift of a hat to
wear that would take me to imaginary places and to my dreams. I could fly.

Recently in July 2020 when studying with a Peruvian Shaman ) heard of the 3 types of magically flying in the Peruvian medicine teachings and was shown in a vision during Ceremony that for me they are part of the Bird Helmet. I was once again reminded in this vision that like a bird as humans it is possible for us to fly. One of these ways is flying in our dreams.

Feeling: In reflecting on my Dream Incubation – From Despair to Comfort.
Action: My dreams at this difficult time I honored by drawing and
told stories around them .. more and more came. I nodded with approval
in the class when Robert Moss in the ‘Dreaming into Dreamtime‘ class in 2015 said, “Creativity can be a form of healing” and to “tell a story.” Well, that I have done and in 2018 – 2020 I have been working on “Star Galaxy for the World” and have included one of the qualities needed to heal the world is DREAMING. Robert has been encouraging this forever it seems and encourages people to TAKE ACTION AND be what he calls Dream Ambassadors.

The Dream Storyteller says: I am and Dreams are one, I love my Dreams, I give thanks for my Dreams, and take Dream Action for the world”.

I encourage everyone to remember their dreams and take action to make the good dreams manifest for themselves, others, all living things and the world.

I take this further in my ‘Star Galaxy for the World” and go into encouraging Action for one’s self-healing and to heal the World with Kindness, Peace, Wonder, Transformation, Awareness, Gratitude and Creativity.


I visualize in the future more people will look into dreams and this creative part of themselves and will dance, draw, paint and live their dreams. I want to thank many dreamers who have been communicating in the dream classes with Robert Moss – Darlene, Durelle, Lalenya, Caroline, Raimonda, Jude, Martha, Julie, Holly, Karen, Meredith, Sarah, Stephanie, Becky, Bonnie, Flo, Teresa, Jen, Kirsten, Nancy, Mary, Laurence, Robin, Cathy, Cindy, Diane and Melissa .. I agree with Robert that Dream Ambassadors are needed for our world. Thanks, everyone!