L to R – Sharing the ‘Dodoland Booth’ – Rainbow Rose Festival – Los Angles 1979- Della and Dale with Randalf , ‘Wise Lotus One’ (came from dreams of “Cosmic One”), Dr. Dick Mazurek, Second row, Della workshop leader at Symposium or Humanity , Dodoland Map, ‘Dragon Ship’, Third Row, painting of “Caterpillar to Butterfly” (came from a dream) 8x 10 feet, ‘Search for the Seed” painting done around Tibetan ancient symbol and Dale and I climbing the holy mountain, Painting self-portrait of me in my Bird Helmet. Fourth row, Della with Oh La La Giraffe – Brenda Parres, Travel to the Moon and Singing Tree ( both paintings came from dreams – saw people climb up the tree and sing together) and are part of Dodoland.
Della Burford at their home on Rusholme Rd when painting Journey to Dodoland. 1973/1974