While I was teaching at Humber College in the early 1980’s I was also painting ‘Journey to Dodoland‘ in the evenings. The time I loved painting was the night-time.

I asked friends: “what they you like to become if you could be a fantasy character? They all came up with different ideas that showed their uniqueness. I painted them all in a Dragon Ship. We sometimes would get our faces painted by Ava who was a make-up artist, wear costumes and live the dream. Many of these fantasy animals became allies to each of them and power animals to remember their inner child and to have fun in life. One of the themes of Dodoland was “to be what you want to be“.

Dragon Ship became a center- fold of the colorful Dodoland book with the Incredible Red Banana too on a separate page! The Incredible Red Banana came and threw bananas at all the characters on the ship.

Dodoland has since become a destination on the internet – and had 2 million individuals visit.

So the question is: What would you want to be if you could be what you could be a fantasy character!

“Dragon Ship” watercolor by Della Burford
Friends of Dodoland is from the book ‘Art for One World’ by Della Burford