In Part Two of the Create Dreams blog for August the topic will be Transformation and Medicine Ways. Certainly two relevant topics for this time of the Pandemic on the Earth. I saw a quote from an Indian author Arunhati Roy that stated:” Historically pandemics have forced humans to break from the past and imagine the world anew. It is a portal, a gateway between one world and the next.”

I will be contemplating Transformation and Medicine Ways this month and what these have meant to me in the past and how they relate to today for me now and in the future. To contemplate this I will offer three tools for you that I have used for decades and am still using today and also can be used to visualize not only the past and present but your dream for the future for yourself and the world.

One is the Dream Wheel, another the Milestone Grid and the third the Transformation Map. I have done an individual page on each of thesetools for self exploration.

In “Star Galaxy for the World” the Transformation Storyteller says”

To remember our transformation and say: “I and Transformation are one, I love transformation, I give thanks for Transformation. I take transformation action for myself, all living things and the World.

The question is again : HAVE YOU HAD PORTALS OPEN? Would love to hear of any Transformational Action!

Transformation Storyteller by Della Burford from ‘Star Galaxy for the World”