The question is: WHERE HAVE YOU FLOWN TO?

This last two months when studying with a Peruvian Shaman heard of the 3 types of magically flying in the Peruvian medicine teachings and in a ceremony this week put a paper Bird Helmet that I had made with a tiger on the front of the Mesa in the North direction.

 I was shown in a Vision during the Ceremony this week that for me personally all three ways of magically flying are part of the Bird Helmet. I am sure for others they maybe something else that symbolized this for them. We are all unique. My Bird Helmet has a bit of history for me as I flew in my Bird Helmet in my ‘Journey to Dodoland’ story and always encourage others to fly in their dreams and imaginations.

 For me in my Bird Helmet Vision last week during a Peruvian ceremony, saw the intertwined bird’s necks represent astral traveling – the tiger for inner strength and dream flying and the wings representing the Eagle for flying to cosmic divine places. I was once again reminded in this Vision that like a bird as humans it is possible for us to fly.

I am focusing these days on the completion and energy to share my latest stories – ‘Star Galaxy for the World‘ and ‘Dream Gifts for the Planet Earth‘ so have them around the portable Peruvian mesa as I work. Both will be flying to new places.. wishing you to come along with me! Open to suggestions on how to get these stories to the World! And the question is: WHERE HAVE YOU FLOWN TO?