This Wintario sponsored programs was in three hearing-impaired schools in Ontario. The teachers when we arrived said we would be disappointed – we were the opposite.. the children were so creative and came alive. We know they would be as creative today as they were then!

Myself (Della, and Dale Bertrand did Ocean Painting, Body Energy Rainbows & Storytelling. Movement was with Merian Soto and Tedrian Chizik from New York. Alice Brownlee (Jerome) collaborated in many parts and she translated the story into sign language and the children’s and teachers comments from sign language into English.

Wintario project with Della Burford, Dale Bertrand, Alice Brownlee (Jerome), Tedrian Chizik and Merian Stoto at Hearing Impaired School in Ontario. Photos by Dale Bertrand
This is from “Art for One World” by Della Burford