I was told in a dream, “You are the one who opens the door”

Thought of this today in 2020 as reflecting on the Kindness Storyteller and her message in Star Galaxy for the World to take Kindness Action for oneself and the World. Felt I was taking kindness action when I received a Ontario Arts Council Grant to work at Sunnyview School and did my project there. All the children in the school were in wheelchairs.

I did what my mentor at the time suggested and looked at them beyond their physical bodies at their spirits. They were carefully lifted out of their chairs and traced around their bodies – then they added colors and symbols that they felt represented them. These I called Body Energy Rainbows. They also did what I call “Ocean Painting” which is taking paint watered down and with a wet on wet technique splattering it on the paper. It worked even with children with very little motor control. Then in the abstract image they let their imaginations go and created stories. They used the map and story of “Journey to Dodoland” as inspiration. I also did these art and writing activities many times in projects with the Inner City Angels.

The boy on the right at Sunnyview School said, “lets have an art show” so all the children’s art was collected and filled the walls of the school. They all felt proud of what they had accomplished. For me I dream of these walls of painting and Body Energy Rainbows! You can make Body Energy Rainbows and Ocean Paint today – in 2020!