Yesterday, (June 2020) was doing a healing session with a Peruvian shaman. I knew when I dreamed something special would come. When I went to sleep and dreamed I saw my meditation area and went into a past ceremony done forty years ago for Peace.

Dale and I were in ceremonial costumes made by a shaman. I was so surprised to see the people at the ceremony there – one was a boy who is now grown to a 40-year-old man in 2020 and he was in the dream. In the dream he was still a boy. For me to travel to the past in my dream was a surprise and healing too to experience this again. I will post a painting showing this time in my life and it includes some pyramids from Mexico as we had traveled to Mexico at this time and also experienced Tikal in Guatemala and it was also in my memory from remembering.

Yesterday ,also in June 2020, in the deepening for the class with a Peruvian Shaman we were to use a flower. I chose a beautiful peony from our garden and immersed myself in the energy. I actually put my face right into it smelled the amazing aroma and the softness of the petals. Felt like the Giant Flower Island in Dodoland where you jump into Giant Flowers. Dale for excitement when living in Toronto used to go to a botanical garden to macro-photo flowers. They gave our life blossoming. For Dodoland we included a journey to a Giant Flower Island.

But back to putting my face in the peony– took me in my dreams to a cave with crystals and at an opening at the end saw a mythical animal I love.. Pegasus. Pegasus led many mythical characters in a parade. This did not surprise me either as I have done many workshops for others on creating their own mythical stories and art. For me, a Pegasus is my Spirit horse .. and was told in a dream decades ago each person has their own unique horse. I thought of a painting done called “Wonder”.

I find if I paint my dreams and experiences and share I am honoring them and my (our) Dream Producer (as Robert Moss so rightly calls that part of myself/ourselves) is happy and gives more gifts to me/us that I/we can share with you/all. It’s like a circle. We are all part of the circle of life. Hmmm.. a circle of Horses.. a circle of Spirit Horses.. now that will be some dream.

Della Burford

Della Burord and Dale Bertrand in a Peace Ceremony for the World in 1982

Peony from our garden – picked in July 2020 in Nanaimo, British Columbia. The flowers in any year are healing. We wish for Peace for the World. Love and protect our flowers.

Della Burford with ‘Medicine Ways’ painting done in garden- shows Dreams of Mermaid, Wizard, Deer Prophet, Tikal, Mother of the World, Bear dance, Boy with a Rainbow, Unicorn and Eagle cry.