Before the Journey to Dodoland show started, children filed in from the United Nations School all dressed in costumes and wearing their Bird Helmets to go to Dodoland. This filled my heart.

The performers always formed a circle before the show to show our connection to each other and together gave the intent to bring love to the children and remind them to “Be what they wanted to be“.

What an incredible experience to perform in such a beautiful setting- St. Peter’s Cathedral in the Citycorp on 53rd St. between Lexington and 3rd Ave. On one of the busiest streets in New York City. You could stand on the sidewalk and look into at the space where the performance was taking place.

Children came in from the United Nations School and also many children in wheelchairs. They all sat in a circle for a circular performance. I had specially painted four large canvases that sat in the four directions. You can see them in the round photo below. They look tiny but they were 8 feet by 10 feet. I designed many special costumes for the show. One was the ‘Lotus One‘ you can see in the photo with one of my paintings on his tunic. All the children that came to the show wore Bird Helmets which is the hat to fly in your imaginations and dreams in Dodoland. Some had them colored with their favourite colors as they were to given them in advance. Some friends like Virgil Scott and Denise Lyons came from Toronto to see the show. I could hear Virgil singing. Photographs by Dale Bertrand whose Giant Flower Islands was also featured in the show. We all flew together to Dodoland.

Tedrian Chizik. Producer of Dodoland led the parade of students.
Page from “Art for One World” by Della Burford. Theatre in the round in N.Y.C.