We had a performance of Journey to Dodoland on a Medicine Wheel painted on the floor of the American Indian Community Centre which has been serving the Indigenous Community in New York vity since 1969. We were thrilled that a member of the community that was one hundred years old came to the show. Dodoland has been destination on the internet internet since 1995 and is free to anyone that wants to go and been created as an act of love.

I (Della) was also thrilled that this took place on a Medicine Wheel as had dreams of dancing on a Medicine Wheel. Recently Ray Evans Harrell told me the wheel was painted by Mary Big Horses husband Al. It had orginally been painted for the Production of ‘Quetzalcoatl’. I had seen the Production and it was so powerful. I felt so honored that they let us preform on this Powerful Wheel. One very different element of the show is that my character of the Incredible Red Banana Man was performed by a woman and in the show she played the Trickster. It certainly brought some fun to the show. Both young and the elder went on a Journey to Dodoland this day!

Della Burford

This page is from the book “Art for One World” by Della Burford