The show at the Brooklyn Academy of Music featured the story of Journey to Dodoland with the Elemental Dodo, Dancing Flamingo, Banana Man and Wise Lotus One.

There were projections of Dale Bertrand‘s Giant Flower Island photos with the Dancers. Everyone went on a journey to Dodoland.

I (Della) performed the Wise Lotus One. After the performance, I was requested to go to a class of blind students who had come to the show so they could feel with their hands and with the sense of touch, and get an experience of the Bird Helmet. To have the children touch the Bird Helmet is something I will never forget.

The same year I was asked to do a Dream workshop with children at Christie St. School with Dorothy Washburn. The children made records in writing and art each day of their dreams. Della had some little trouble dolls from Guatemala and the children thought of any problem and asked for a solution. Many got solutions in their dreams given to them.

After the Brooklyn Academy of Music show, Della Burford was asked if the blind children, who came to the show, could feel her Bird Helmet. This was one of the highlights of her life.
This page is from ‘Art for One World” by Della Burford