Could this dream happen in the future? Oh yes it could! 
It’s the Irish in me having to talk about Mermaids ( or 
is it Leprechauns) on St. Patrick Day.

Time for catch up … When doing a class with Robert Moss in 2018 on ‘Living the Mythic Edge’ and asked to look in our dreams and ask the question “Could this happen in the future? I looked thru Dream dairies and Dream Wheels for times when I asked myself this question.

A major goal of mine has been to manifest night dreams in my writing, painting as helping many others to manifest their dreams as well. . I wrote about it in my book “ Dream Wheels” Some dreams seemed to be born out of trauma, a desperate need for self-healing, and some wandering in Imaginal worlds. I then painted them or wrote about them in my stories. The first dream I recall ( which came out of trauma) ( I went back to this time in the drumming last session and an even earlier time when my face was half-paralyzed and the doctor said ” to blow bubbles was going to heal it. Then came the dream of a Mermaid and the mermaid has occurred over and over again. Mermaids played out in the future. As if by Synchronistical magic some ancient writings came to my husband and the and the man who wrote the writings teachers were “ The Three Mermaids”- his grandmother and three of her friends who had names like the sea and were called Mermaids. In 2004 I was guided in a dream to go to a location in Cornwall with a Mermaid and we did travel there (Zenhar) and one of the first things we were shown was the “Mermaid chair” and read a famous story of the region about a Mermaid. We hired a psychic to take us to the locations the Celtic/Cymric ceremonies wrote about in the Druid manuscripts by the three women who called themselves the “Mermaids.”We went to what she called “the Mermaid Cove“. Could I have more dreams of mermaids in the future. Yes I know as Robert Moss often says “we were born to fly” and also know myself I was born to swim with the mermaids. Keeping the bubbles blowing.

I n seeing the future in a dream I am also reminded of a night dream I had of the man who published my first book “Journey to Dodoland” in 1977 .. he came as a young boy on a pier and when I went to Los Angles for the creation of the book he actually took me to the pier which was like the one I had in the dream. Had that déjà vu feeling. After the publication of this book had a dream of a disabled child putting on my storytelling hat. I was soon after asked to do a project at a school called Sunnyview in 1982 in which all the children were in wheelchairs. When we did the Dodoland shows in New York children always seemed to be wheeled in in wheelchairs. I often am guided in my dreams and when they ring true something usually happens synchronically that makes it possible for them to manifest.

In reflecting on my dairies 1983 when I was told to “try to be another person for a day” .. and so I tried to put myself in the shoes of others as I went with the author/painter Shishan Takashima to the womens prison to work with the prisoners in storytelling, writing, and art. It was heart-wrenching to see some of the conditions but tried to give them an “ Imaginal break” from it all but tried to put myself in their shoes. At this time Shishan was writing and painting the book “Child in Prison Camp” which was produced as a play in Tokyo in the 1980s. I brought an image presentation from New York’s Nicholas Roerich Museum of Nicholas Roerich paintings to present to the prisoners .. the night I brought the paintings from New York had a very powerful dream and did a painting of the experience called “The Mother of the World”.

The story of “Magical Earth Secrets” was created but not a book yet and I was told in a dream in 1988 that “children are teachers on loving and saving the earth.” Soon after invited to attend a Globetree Conference in Sweden and because of the dream felt it was right for me to attend. At this event thousands of children participated at the Concert Hall in Stockholm in sharing their ideas to help the earth and the story of “Magical Earth Secrets ” was developed as a group of young children performed it and became the little people of the Rainbow and the Eagle Child as they did I realized the secret “I will take care of the Earth” had to was added. I then had a dream of the small Eagle Child in the story going around a Medicine Wheel. I saw the Medicine Wheel in a dream and painted Nature Wheel Island. I felt this symbolically represented the Elements. Dodoland had been very successful in New York so the City of New York asked Tedrian Chizik if he could do a play for the children in Harlem, New York City and synchronicity was at play again as he asked if he could use the story of “Magical Earth Secrets‘. One of the characters who gives a Message to “love the Water” in the play was a Mermaid.. back to the Mermaid again. I remember how I felt when the performer Mirabai put on the costume and sang the Mermaid song and it was like a dream was being fulfilled. This all happened in 1985 before ‘Magical Earth Secrets became a book in 1990. Interestingly as I write this had another dream now in 2020 of two eagle children circling a Medicine Wheel.. the Eagle Child raised his wings in celebration. I felt when I woke up it was because I am writing about this in this in the Create a Dream Blog and also because am working on the story of Magical Earth Secrets being told in Holland right now.

In looking further into dreams that foretell the future. I felt the White Tiger as an animal to guide in a night dream before going Mexico in 1995 .. put this on a Storytelling hat before teaching in Mexico. Remembering that I did take this hat to Mexico with me in 2015 and did have the opportunity to wear it again in my first storytelling of what became ‘Dream Gifts for the Planet Earth’ which has many Sacred Dream Animals when I met the two woman in 2015 who are producing “Magical Earth Secrets” as a play in Japan. Recently in July of 2020 when studying with a Peruvian shaman found out the tutelary animal for dream flying was the puma and jaguar and put the hat I made in 1995 on the mesa when doing the ceremony. Yes, Puma Dreams and Jaguar Visions did follow.

Reflecting again on my diary and remembering.. When in Mexico in 2012 went to the Edward James Garden ( he was one of the sponsors of Salvador Dali) and the night before we arrived ( which was a scary ride in a mountain pass) saw Edward James in a dream and I was shown in a dream an Art Deco painting of a horse. I was doing the sketches at the time for the Dream Theme paintings in Mexico that became part of “Dream Wheels”book, included the Spirit Horse which I have to represent ‘Wonder‘. When we went to his garden “Wonder” was in the air.

Just last night had another dream of people coming home who wanted to make make a sound studio but decided to put the studio above our home.
I don’t know will play out in the future but have an intuitive feeling it may be an opening for some musical work or creative work around the Celtic Projects. Maybe Creative work by other artists around “Dream Gifts for the Planet Earth” or “Star Galaxy for the World“. Also another dream of rooms of children making books .. this has played out in the past in me helping thousand of children make their own books but felt after awakening it would also be part of the future projects in world .somewhere.. But time will tell .. I find in my dreams ideas are shown to me and it takes months and even years for them to then manifest. When I can do some writing or painting right away I love it as the dream in honored and the doors are open for MORE dreams of this magical kind to come. For some dreams, it takes longer as it requires collaborations. The trick is for me two things .. PATIENCE and OPENNESS to possibilities and of course remembering as Robert Moss tells us “THE TIME IS NOW” and he of course is one of the biggest advocates of honoring our dreams.. he has inspired me to continue my work which I feel is my destiny. Yes there always time to plant the seeds for sure .. and in the future the flowers and fruit do come!

Flowers to Fruit to self- heal, for humanity and the world. 
And I do know anything is possible! Thanks Robert for reinforcing in me – so I say once again yes THE TIME IS NOW!

Della Burford

‘Crying Eagle Child’ by Della Burford for ‘Magical Earth Secrets’

‘Nature Wheel Island’ by Della Burford for ‘Magical Earth Secrets’