Olga Klimova led a workshop fundraising for the Vienna Academy of Art called Backgrounds – Order out of Chaos. I have always loved to see what they have done at the Vienna Academy and this was an unusual chance to experience some of the teachers. I felt so privileged to have a chance to attend online. Even as far away as Canada. Synchronicity had it that I seemed to be foretold of what was to come with this amazing show of clouds in the sky on Vancouver Island the day before the workshop that got my mind seeing fantastic images, faces and birds. It was in preparation.

Olga did various abstract ground techniques to put a interesting pattern on the background. These happened in a spontaneous way and since I love spontaneity in my painting it was certainly enjoyable. I have been doing abstract grounds with my mum who was a painter since a teenager but always love to see others do it too and she certainly had a lot of good tips for all the artist participating.

My mum Desiree Burford used to do live painting in the 70’s and 80’s and most of the other artists wouldn’t dare to go live and thought she was so courageous which in fact she was as paint just flowed from her hand. Olga too was so relaxed about it and so willing to share her knowledge with others. I admired her transparent approach.

She wove an relaxed women’s face into the background in a magical way.

Since this was online I set up a painting centre in my breakfast nook by the computer. I enjoyed working there so much I will continue to use this area.

Thanks Olga for all of your openness and sharing.

Yes amongst the chaos of this time for many it is wonderful to have a feeling or completion and ways of finding order. Check out with Auntie Google the other courses the Vienna Academy is offering in their fundraiser!

Della Burford