Amanda Sage is at the Basel Art Day in Miami with the Design Science Studio. She will be speaking and attending and the Non-Stop Vision Train will also be streamed. Amanda Sage this last year also had a Flow Lines workshop as a Fundraiser for the Vienna Academy of Art. I attended and will show a few photos. She has a magically way of creating with light lines that move in an organic way. She had everyone put lines down with charcoal and then different colored acrylics and white.

Getting back to the workshop – In her workshop Movement was created with rythmn in the repetitious lines and the image popped with the use of both white and burnt umber – light and dark to create captivating images. She explained the process so beautifully and the participants painted along with her on their own unique images.

This is a photo I (Della) took of Amanda Sage in San Francisco.
I (Della) painted my Flow Lines spontaneously and asymettrically as Amanda suggested. As Amanda was showing the slides of her work I sketched a Moon Goddess as it was near the full moon and feeling this energy.
The next day drew my Moon Goddess in the centre

I ( Della Burford) worked off and on day and in the early morning. Been studying with a Peruvian Shaman for the last few months and had dreams of tigers, hummingbirds and my Bird Helmet (which is my Storytelling Hat) being a DNA hat and they came through in the painting. Had it Posted on the Non-stop Vision Train (Amanda’s inspiration) and had 18 people respond including Arts of the Golden Flower who said : Love this. It brings to mind a trip, [journey].
all living things speak
Yes, we can speak with flowers and remembered my dream of the Kindness people in my story ‘Star Galaxy for the World’ who can change from people to flowers at will.
This is a photo of Amanda Sage which was also taken by me ( Della) in San Francisco

Thanks Amanda Sage.. everyone seemed to enjoy your workshop so much and when we shared at the end there were so many wonderful beginnings. She has a gift for teaching. Thanks to the Vienna Academy of Art.

As I mentioned in the beginning Amanda Sage is attending and speaking at the Basel Art Fair in Miami with the Design Science Studio Nov 30-Dec 2 2021 and the Non Stop Vision Train will also be there! Get a ticket and Check it out!