Memories and a Milestone Grid – in my book ‘Dream Wheels‘ I call these

the ‘Wonder’ years.

1990 “Love the Earth Dream”   Worked on the design of “Magical Earth Secrets” a book to empower children to know they can do something to help the environment.   In guide shows are many creative ways to empower children. Continue ecological sound, healthy, empowering, and proactive projects.      Dale     Tom Sal   Paul George Sue Fox Adrian Carr  Dr. David Lertzman    “A crown of dreams “     “Crown for the future”   “I was a blade of grass blowing”
The story of Magical Earth Secrets initially came from a dream when I awoke with a ring of light on my finger and wrote the first draft.
    Diary   Photograph   Paintings   Dream Wheels

My crown of Dreams may be applicable to 2020 as making a hat with the upper chakras for the time of the sixth sun.. the Dream Sun.
    “Magical Earth Secrets” Published by the Western Canada Wilderness Committee    Launched with Earth Day storytelling by Dr. David Lertzman   Gave lecture “People Making a Difference” .. Windstar at Metro Toronto Reference Library  
1991  “Energy Right” Lead many workshops in the Queens University program – Artist in the Community Program. .. the Frontenac Partnerhsip. Three week project at St. Ambrose   Did a performance of Magical Earth Secrets at Earlescourt School.  Pat Brennan made sculpture of me as Archangel.Brenda Parres     Dale   Noreen Crone Findlay   Maria Dance Formolo   Mary Anne Dente   Pat Brennan“ little elephants on my bed turn to white tigers”   “touched a bluebird”   “saw a pink angel”   “wishing wand partners” Pat Brennan” made me as angel.. real people involved in earthly actions inspired by heavenly ideals.    Diary   Photograph   Paintings   Dream Wheels    Celebration of the Environment in Edmonton and performance by Maria Formolo Dance Co of “Magical Earth Secrets” ( also practicum) Show of Desiree and Della’s paintings.   B.Ed at Queens University. Wrote  3 newsletters for Environment Ontario’s “Earth News”  
1992 “In and Out” House being built in the Kootenay.  Over the years doing hundreds of workshops with the Inner City Angels. O.A.C. Professional Development day to 200 Teachers/ Librarians on how to use the guide effectively.  Worked in about 25 schools in Edmonton doing the Writer in Residence program. Earl Buxton went back to for four years.  Norah Burford
O.V.       Tom Williams   Sal   Dale     Susan Ashworth
Brenda Parres
Jane Howard Baker
    “dreams of layers of children”    “four women who are angels”   ” Creative Woman of the year”     Doing many Friends of the Environment projects .   Professional Development Day: Library Association, Toronto to the Metro Separate School Board teachers/librarians  from 200 schools in Toronto.   Writer in Residence program in Edmonton.
1993 “”Om peirced the air 1994 Worked at Josyf Cardinal Slipyj Catholic School where children wrote 550 Enviro- books! Magical Earth part of project to increase awareness and stop family violence
in Edmonton
  Tom Williams
Jane Howard Baker
  “ Sticks in bundles. When opened became a Medicine Wheel”    “Must write poetry”   In1994 told my name is  “Crystal Dream ArtistDiary
Dream Wheels 
  Friends of the Environment projects: 15 Schools in Etobicoke, 5 Schools in Ottawa, 30 schools in Toronto.   Magical Earth Secrets was performed by St. Andrew School in Edmonton    
Dale travels to Chitza Itza
Dodoland in Cyberspace published
0nline e-zine.
Dale Bertrand   Dave Godfrey
Ivan Sinclair
“Saw a statue in a dream position. “You can transform art to beauty.       Dodoland became a pilot of the possibilities on the internet on the Swiftsure project with Dave Godfrey which taught artists, writers, and stores and publishers about the internet  

Three major events highlight these ‘Wonder’ years for me .

During this time frame of the ‘Wonder Years’ ‘Magical Earth Secrets’ was performed by Maria Formolo Dance in Edmonton. A beautifully production with Maria dancing and Noreen Crone Findlayson using a life-size puppet to perform the Eagle Child. To me it was like a dream coming true. Another was the publication of ‘Magical Earth Secrets

by the Western Canada Wilderness Committee. This story was performed in New York and also in Japan. It still lives on as is just being prepared to be Storytold in Holland. Love and Protect the Earth!

Magical Earth Secrets published – celebrating with Ava Stone and Howard Jerome
Magical Earth Secrets launch with Dale Bertrand, Edna Reti and our dog Bijoux.

And the third creation of the internet site “Dodoland in Cyberspace‘ which has now had 2 million individuals visit. It is Free and an Act of Love. See link below. This site combines both ‘Dodoland’ and ‘Magical Earth Secrets’.

Della Burford