Dodoland is Wonder filled. I asked friends which fantasy character they wanted to become.. they became the fantasy animals on the Dragon Ship. We had our faces painted, dressed up in costumes and lived our dreams. That was many moon ago, now Dodoland is on the internet and has had 2 million individuals visit. The link is below. It was one of the first on the internet and the site is now twenty seven years old.

This is from the book ‘Art for One World’

One good friend was already his own fantasy character — this was the “Incredible Red Banana Man“. He would dress up in costume and be Incredible Red. He brought a lot of joy and laughter everywhere. Thought of him today as it would of been his birthday. Love to him in the Spirit World. Contemplating a “Dodoland” storytelling for this Pandemic time to lighten the mood and bring a little joy.

Painting of the ‘Incredible Red Banana’– Michael Wesselink.

In Wonder,

Della Burford