Dream : Clowning AROUND Last night when I awoke in the early morning was looking at the Dream Growing site and saw the post on Medicine Wheels from Cassandra and Robert, Sara, Dan , Patti Jim commenting on it. Always fascinated and have had decades of dreams of Medicine Wheels so commented on the post about my time in 1987 when I studied with Master Clown Richard Pochinko . Well the dreams last night were major Clown orientated and Wonder Filled. I saw a Raku pot first and in the silvery pattern a clown started to merge.. soon dozens and so incredibly Colorfully and Creativily dressed – some with white French wigs and some red hair .. crazy costumes.. some silky, some mismatched … all very fun and some inner child like.. one with the stripes of a tiger on his face. Then they were riding on horses and llama and some were dancing. Had a dream at the beginning of this Dream Growing class of colors steaming out of my left eye and then seeing a Clown with a black and white costume with one painted sleeve and a long Jester Hat. All in all major Fun.

Feeling : Woke up excited and felt the creative energy

Reality Check: I have been working on a series of painting each representing seven years of life and focusing on five major dreams from each year.. they will be part of a book I am presently working on..’Star Galaxy for the World’. I just finished the one that is in a period form 87-88 where I was working with many children including native children, had an opportunity to do many ceremonies. Had my story of Dodoland (which is a story about becoming ones dream) which was performing in New York preformed on a Medicine Wheel (painted on the floor for a Quetzalcoal performance). Tedrian, the Producer in New York was dancing as the Elemental Dodo on the Medicine Wheel at American Indian Community Centre. Also the Banana Man who in this interpretation was portrayed as the trickster (Coyote). I was so excited as had many dreams at the time of sitting and dancing on a Medicine Wheel.

Also had a dream of Dream Hat for my mother in this time period which I made and gave to her. She encouraged me to dream. Dodoland was performed in many venues- including going to Gautemala.. one of the many highlights. I did study the Raku pottery technique with Pat Brennan .. someone else who studied clowning and one of the few people I know who also kept a record of the process Richard went through in teaching the Baby Clown.

Tedrian devoted seven years of his life in taking my stories to so many children. We were so sad to lose him to aids in 1987. To try to overcome my sadness I studied Clowning with Richard Pochinkio who had a unique Medicine Wheel approach to becoming in touch with your inner self thru making masks of the directions with your eyes shut. Met his partner Ian Wallace later in Vancouver and my husband Dale, him and I did a book on the clown technique called Richard Pochinko Clown thru Mask. It included excerpts from the 10 page diary I wrote when taking Richard’s class. The dream of the colors streaming from my eye I felt was related to me recently having cataract surgery on my left eye and can see brighter colors now. Contemplating my Wonder Cycle from 1988 – 95.. where the Inner child was really alive.

Action: After this dream in 2019 completed the Wonder Filled painting. Could do a whole series from the dream last night .. more likely will be an influence to remember the fun and playfulness of life. Will include the dream of the clown in the painting of the Wonder Storyteller in ‘Star Galaxy for the World’.

The Wonder Storyteller was painted and has the message to say: “I and Wonder are one, I love Wonder, I give thanks for Wonder and Take Wonder Action for the World.

Wonder Storyteller painted by Della Burford for ‘Star Galaxy for the World’