Della Burford’s book ‘Journey to Dodoland’ was used to create ‘Dodoland in Cyberspace‘ launched as an e-zine ( one of the first in the world) as a pilot for the Swiftsure Project in 1995. The Swiftsure Project‘s goal was to teach artists, writers, art businesses, and book stores about the internet. It was the brainchild of Dave Godfrey. Swiftsure chose the Dodoland story to launch the project and the first pages were posted online in 1995. Ivan Sinclair helped in the initial production. Later Josh Ardnt worked on developing it further. Then Chris Martin took the design to the next level.

Dodoland has had two million individuals visit it online. It has an Island of Eyes, Night Bubble, Giant Flower Island and Dragon Ship. After the first issue Della Burford and Dale Bertrand took over production and created 600 free pages for teachers, parents and children in the world to experience their creativity and learn about the environment. Since the Earth Child Environment Foundation started in the same year many project done through the Foundation were featured on the site.

Page from ‘Art for One World’ by Della Burford
Dodoland on the internet