My dream – The Tea Party in the Garden
From a creative place in my dreamworld to my surprise saw myself with the Dodo bird on my shoulder and its face became human. Suddenly there was many forest animals who appeared .. most in costumes
In reality a few years ago and with synchronically I went to my brother Glen and his wife Brenda’s place for dinner and my great-nephew Dane who was 5 said “come let’s have a party in the garden. “ He went around my brother’s wife’s garden a retrieved all the little statues and figurines she had here and there – bunnies, squirrels, fox, raccoons, cats, dogs, frogs, butterflies, tigers, camel, teddy bears, Pegasus and statues of playing children. Yes, They do have a magic garden so he found many things to play with. He proceeded to make two chairs as a bus and proclaimed “Now we are about to go to a party!

A five-year-old can keep the party going.. once he had all the animals together on the grass .. he gave the imaginary tiger a special chair. Even the Elemental Dodo ( who has come to Dodoland to be what he wants to be) and is the guide to Dodoland joined. Dane proceeded to collect leaves and flowers to feed them.. I asked about tea remembering my dream and he found lavender blossoms to make tea.. after all the animals had lunch and rode around the garden for a bit .. then they stopped had dinner (spaghetti).. and then all went to sleep … he actually lied down on the grass and pretended he was falling asleep .. 2 minutes later popped and again and said “oh its morning now” and again the next morning we went thru another day again .. and again.. occasionally more animals were added as he would race around the garden to find more animals to join. Out of the blue at one point he said the camel was coming.. and sure enough along came a camel. They all got on the bus and we went further and further.

Yes it never ended. Della

Intention – Question -: So, how can I keep the party going?

Coincidence Card for me (Della) from Nanaimo given by Shift network in the program with Robert Moss: “You have received a key to open something from within and are encouraged to go back to the old ways. Recall the richness of action. You must now learn how to apply magic in your life through lessons and practice. Imbue your creations with magic, your own personal magic. (from dream)”- Well – this was right – magic in your life with thru lessons and practice.. what a Coincidence Card!

Reality check: I know I have been given a key to being creative and encouraged by many including my mother , husband, family, and my mentor in the 80’s Star Bear. I wrote Journey to Dodoland which is about using your imagination. The “old –traditional” ways are important to me also. Since 2014 I have received guidance from Robert Moss in the richness of the history dream cultures of the world and by the thousand-year-old Tibetan Dream Yoga teachings taught by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche. Teaching about dreaming from the chakras and transforming in dreams has become stronger for me. I have richness in action as I have spent 40 years of my life taking action from my dreams. This is recalled in my books like Dream Wheels. I know that working from the Mythic Edge and Synchronicity will increase the possibility of magic. Thanks also to Don Oscar mir Quesada and Sergio Magana. Through various methods, I will put my personal magic in my writing and art and yes as my coincidence card states my ultimate goal is to “imbue my creation with magic “ and keeping inner growth brings more personal magic and I will work on this. I will share with others and be as Robert says “ a dream ambassador”. I am in gratitude to many. Thanks for putting it so beautifully in this card.. is it a coincidence?

A person who is part of the dream class commented: If it were my dream I would continue the magic of play, fun, imagination and animals; make it a treasure hunt; being in the moment; improvisation; stretching/bending time; sharing experiences with/learning from children; anything’s possible.

So true- anything is possible! During this Pandemic time have decided to do a Dodoland storytelling. Soon to come. It’s Halloween tomorrow. Let’s keep the magic alive right now!