1995 – 2001 is my Cultural Diversity cycle… Third Eye Cycle. Dale and I worked in and traveled to 7 different countries. In 1997 and in 1998 I did start – up a Canadian school for children in Mexico and combined art, drama, music. Dale and Laurie McHale worked with me on this project. Dale and I also taught adults English – Dale specializing in Communication. This was an important time too because we started the Earth Child Environment Foundation.

Visiting England – FROM L TO R Avebury , the Tor, Studio in Toronto with Tom and Sal Williams, Della storytelling in Holland, Starting Miracle Galaxy, New Grange, Dale teaching in Holland, Stonehenge, Mural at SunDance School, Creativity Angel inspired by August Full Moon, Angels of Healing, Della and sweet dog Bijoux

As an Earth Child Foundation project I Met Diana Rhodes in Wales and she asked for contributions of children to her book “Peace Scroll” – Dodoland collected children’s wishes and they were printed in two editions of the “Peace Scroll”
The Dalia Lama did the foreword for one edition. Diana Rhodes also visited me in the Kootenays in Canada.

Dreams that were my favourite during this time.
“I saw the Map of a city .. you could go to the streets.. but before google earth”. Like remote viewing.
“Land of the Shining Mountains” – (title of dream)
“I held Star Bear’s hand thru a wall” ( He was a shaman and our mentor)
“Western Canada Wilderness published the beauty of areas.. eagle.. ocean” (They were my publisher for “Magical Earth Secrets”)
“Beadwork in the Medicine Wheel”
“Dreamt the room I was in became a vehicle and things were moving (speeding) by as in a car”
“Took a bus to a small town and sat by the statue of a mermaid’ ( felt from this dream we should go to Cornwall and we did)
“Crystal Floor”
“aboriginal shaman”
“Red Owl”
“said I worked for “the Book of Love”

I was inspired by my Diary, Photos, Paintings and my Dream Wheels

Milestones during this time period :

  1. My book “Journey to Dodoland” became part of Planet Oasis .. a 3-D City which was an interface on all Packard Bell computers. We continued to work on the Dodoland in Cyberspace ezine in which now 2 million individuals have visited. It still exists in 2020. Thanks to so many including Dave Godfrey, Ivan Sinclair, Chris Martin, Josh Ardst, Glen Burford, Yasmin Glanville, Alice and Howard Jerome, Pat Brennan and others.

2. I was Headteacher
for the start-up for a children’s program at a Canadian school in Guadalajara, Mexico. Laurie McHale and Dale Bertrand worked with me. Was in Mexico with Wallace Murray, Frances Seaton, Susan Hough, Janice Klassen, and Michael Golland, and many others who became life long friends. Also studied Ballet Folklorico and had Gloria Arroyo as a dance mentor.

3. Started in 1995 the Earth Child Environment Foundation to take my stories to child and also for adults to explore their inner childs.

3. In 1999 went to work in schools England (visited Stonehenge, Avebury, Glastonbury, Cornwall) and travelled 11 times to Wales, and also went to Ireland (New Grange) and Edinburgh in Scotland. In the schools in England did storytelling and projects with the Earth Child Foundation. One was to collect art for a Globetree Conference in Sweden where the children expressed their love of the water. We also arranged to have water collected from Weston Lake on Saltspring Island.


We were researching the Druidical Quest project. We visited many Sacred Sites. I incorporated many of these sacred sites into a story that I later worked on ‘Miracle Galaxy” and we visited most of them again in 2004.

4. Led Holland workshop on ‘Create your own Healing Story’ and Dale shared his travels in research on the Druidical Quest project.

5. Lead workshops at Carbon Cycle to Bicycle: Sharing Responsibility for Global Climate Change Conference in Victoria.During

6. Did Canada Council Reading at the Vancouver Public Library.

7. Participated in the Vancouver School Board Artist in the Schools program.