Read a class with Mexican healer Sergio Magana on dream recall. Not an easy thing to do and If feel I  need all the techniques offered. Disappointed as slept for a nap yesterday and no dream recall. I was lying in bed and then a dream came back to me that I had 15 years ago . Some dreams will do that appear and reappear. I wrote this after.

At the time of the dream I was struggling with cancer survival. I had asked my inner self and dream self what can I do to heal? I had felt I must write a story of all the qualities needed to survive. Fortunately I received a grant to “Storytell” and proceeded to spend a year writing and painting “Miracle Galaxy”. Well the dreams started of angels and some were from the cosmic realm and some were reflections of people around me.  At that time I had an interview about cancer recovery and asked “where do these Angels live?” Well this gets back to the dream I am recalling because that night I had a dream of a Milky Way Galaxy where I was told they lived. When I woke up my hand started to draw the milky – way galaxy and would not stop still finished.  A week later I had a dream of Mandalas that were where the Angels lived. 

   A week later I was attracted to go to a “Health and Wellness” Event and was drawn to sit in on a talk by a man from a Herbal Company and during this talk the spoke of the importance to the various Meso- American ancient people of the Milky Way . I was fascinated and waited to thank him at the end. I told him my story of being shown the “Milky Way” in a dream. He said a few days before he had been climbing Chitza Itza and his blackberry went off. It was a women into Angels and he was told by this woman – she had just been communicating with Arch Angel Michael  and he had said he must speak of the importance of the milky way at the Wellness Event. He then proceeded to tell me I must have been the one he wanted to know this. I was shocked that this message should come to little me at this time and also thankful for him telling me this.

   To honor this event I painted a Gratitude Angel and behind her put Chitza Itza. She has the message to be grateful for all we have. Fascinated to learn recently from healer Sergio Magana that part of the Dream work done on one floor of the pyramid at Chitza Itza was communication with Angels in dreams.

Gratitude Angel from Miracle Galaxy

Thank you Angel
From Miracle Galaxy by Della Burford

      I am totally into honoring my dreams and sharing them. The story of Miracle Galaxy has been shared to many people in crisis. Including the supporters that are helping those fight cancer at Inspire Health. In 2019 it was performed in Japan by 100% Parade. Thanks so much to all the artists there and Ruu Ruu for the Production and Costumes. I am looking forward to it being done again there. I have since taken this one step further and have a Gratitude Storyteller in my latest children’s picture book “Star Galaxy for the World”.  Her words are: I and Gratitude are one, I love Gratitude, I am thankful for Gratitude, I take Gratitude Action for myself and the World.” Taking gratitude action for the world right now is important.

Performer and friends sharing ‘Miracle Galaxy” in Japan

    Yes dream recall is important to share these special dreams. Something I keep working at – It’s ongoing and look forward to any advice. Thank you

Della Burford