This November 2020 in my Create a Dream Blog the “theme” will be “Miracles” and I will look at a period of time that I called in the “Dream Wheels” and : Art for One World books the Miracle Cycle which is from 2003- 2010 .

I am creating a Milestone study of this cycle and would love to share it with you that includes dreams, favourite Events and inspiration.

Had a Healing cycle of seven years from 2002 – 2008 I called the Miracle Cycle. The reality check is that I was recovering from Cancer surgery and using alternative methods. During this time I kept developing with writing and painting the ‘Miracle Galaxy’ which is a story about meeting the Eight Angels of Healing.
In 2005 traveled after having a “Mermaid” dream as a catalyst Dale and I went to many sacred places that had Sacred Stones such as Stonehenge, Avebury, Glastonbury, Boscawen- Un, Seven Sister, Merry Maidens, Mena-A-Tol, Quoits, New Grange, St. Mary’s Well across from Barnsley. Many of these became places where my Angel Storytellers were born in the story of the Miracle Galaxy. In 2018-19 took this story one step further in Star Galaxy for the World. Also now creating a map of Sacred places called the ‘Paths of Light: in 2020.

A highlight of this cycle was a storytelling for the Children’s Festival in Newport Beach at the South Coast Plaza. This was a Earth Child Environment Foundation project. I storytold Dodoland and Magical Earth Secrets and shared Miracle Galaxy with certain individuals.

Storytelling with Eagle Child puppet made by Noreen Crone Findlayson
At the South Coast Plaza event – Children’s Festival with 50 charities involved. In this photo is Sandy Segerstrom Daniels, Eve Foussard and Cherie Rolapp Khan.

Worked with students from Korea in winter program at Formosa Academy for three winter programs.
Did 6 summers of program at International School – Art and English… often used environmental themes. Some international student programs were done with the Earth Child Environment Foundation.

Dream that were my favourite in this time period:

“dad told me to shake my rattle”
“what does it look like in an eagle’s eye”
“praying in gratitude before eating with the Dalai Lama”
“book of painting, flowers, hearts and poems”
“hat with silver feathers.”
“cloak of protection”
“flying above the earth”
much like you would be seeing things in google earth – “remote viewing”
“asked to speak to teachers of musicians”
“Working with people who inspire children”
“ in 2009 had dreams of going up a stairwell with a group of women and invited to Russia and traveling there.”
“asked Have you tasted the nectar of the lotus?”.. the same dream in 2004 and 2009

Inspired by my Diary , our Photographs , Paintings and Dream Wheels.

Important Events

1. In 2004 storytelling at a Festival for Children with
50 charities participating at the South Coast Plaza at Newport Beach.

2. Storytelling at Writes of Passage Student Writing Conference in

3. Create your own Healing Story did in Holland with Marijke Sluitjer. With inspiration from Miracle Galaxy, the students created their own Angels of Healing that helped them in a crisis and wrote a healing story. This was a Earth Child Environment Foundation project. Dale shared his Druidical Quest.

4. Created “Create your own Myth‘ program in 2005 for International students. Worked with students from Korea, Japan, Brazil, Europe and Mexico. Culturally diverse groups from 2006 and 2009.

5. Dale and Della did programs for International students from all over the world at V.E.C. Some story development projects were with the Earth Child Environment Foundation.

Della went to Korea to do projects with children learning English at Gyeongju and Gapyeong. Included many eco-projects.

6. Azatlan published Dale BertrandDruidical Quest‘ and the four books of Illuminations by Leo Del Pasqua – ‘Galecerth of Halloween’, ‘Three Mermaids’, ‘Chief Festival of the Druids’ and ‘Nennius’. Dale produced Della co designer. This was also Roberts Heritage Foundation projects.

7. Did various projects including an ArtStart project at Our Lady of Conception with Roweena Taylor.

8. Dale Bertrand did a project with B.C. Aboriginal Tourism in Event Management in Haida Gwaii.

9. 2009 Storytelling in Mexico – Los Ayala and Gaudaljara – Visiting Foco Tonal with Gloria Arroyo. Many storytelling were Earth Child Environment projects.