During what we call the “Miracle Cycle” I created a storytelling, writing and art program in Vancouver in 2005. Students were creating and telling many different stories – Myths, Fables, Stories with Emotion and Drama, and some in Travel. They were creating their own Hero/Heroines and Imaginary Maps and some posted online in Dodoland in Cyberspace. At the same time Dale was teaching Public Speaking and Business Language at Vancouver English Centre which he did for 10 years. I believe that myths enrich our lives and look for myths and stories in many cultures as inspiration to go then within ourselves and find our own myths. I was told in a dream the “you can visit a wise one”. I believe you have the wisdom within and it comes in many ways in dreams .. when you find this wisdom for yourself honor it by writing it, painting it, acting it and dancing it to share it with the world.

Many “Wise Ones” visited to me in my dreams.
This is from “Art for One World” by Della Burford featuring the work of Della, Dale Bertrand and Kazuko Asaba