Do you have a Travel Story to Sacred Sites to share? We will be posting some in mine ( Della Burford) and Dale’s (Dale Bertrand’s) Blog for 2021. I was inspired by Robert Coon’s map of the Chakras of the Earth to come up with a map of our travels.

In looking at our travels I realized Dale and I have had 20 trips along the Female and Male Great Dragon Ley lines. Called by the Irish Spirit Lines and aboriginal Dream Lines.

I will be featuring in my Create a Dream Blog various stories related to the travels in my 2021 blogs. For me the important thing is how they relate to my writing and art that I have shared with the world.

When I was in high school my father said “I will give you one dollar for every dollar you raise to travel”. This started my traveling history as I worked part time during the school year to be able to travel for two month to Europe with my classmates. I saw history and got hooked to want to see more.

Dale and I also went to Europe and traveled in 1970 for one and a half years. To see the Ancient Sites in Greece and Rome and feel the history all over Europe was inspiring and influenced our work.

We traveled twice to India in the 1970’s and it was a tremendous influence and inspired me in creating ‘Journey to a Lotus‘. I also got many ideas for what became ‘Journey to Dodoland‘.

 In 1984 Dale did a trip to Peru and in 1995 traveled to Chitza Itza. In 1997 in doing the start up of a school in Mexico we visited many sacred places including Mexicaltitlan.

 In researching Dale’s “Druidical Quest” we went to England in 1997 and this was the beginning of including many Sacred Sites and I included many in places where the Healing Angels live when I wrote and painted Miracle Galaxy. I included Stonehedge, Avebury, Glastonbury, Teman, Cornwall and New Grange as homes for my different Healing Angels.  We also visited these locations again in 2004.

The good fortune of being able to represent Canada at the Jeju Island  – Island Festival made us feel a connection to the Grandfather Stones in Jeju. I included Jeju Island as the earth location for my Kindness Angel. We also were able to meet many people from Islands around the world. We got to know Island people including the Maori people from New Zealand and dancers from Easter Island which I felt were connected to my Dream Angel.

Since Magical Earth Secrets was also inspired by travel to various places and feeling the Elements and sacredness in our own country. The Willpower Angels earth home in the story in Petroglyph Park near where we live. Magical Earth Secrets was performed for seven years in Japan we went to Japan in 2018 and visited the Great Buddha in Nagoya and saw Mt. Fiji. Japan has been an influence as we first visited the country in 1977 and saw so many beautiful Stone Gardens which Dale photographed.

In 1982 my story Dodoland was featured in a “Magic in Me’ event in Guatemala for teachers from South and Central America and after the event we visited the pyramids in Tikal.

My latest story of Star Galaxy for the World  includes Magical Storytellers and again was influenced like the Angels in Miracle Galaxy by travels to Sacred Sites in the World. The Gratitude Storyteller is influenced by traveling to Guatemala and also Bali. Another is that the beginning of the story has a Greek influence and later we meet the Peace Storyteller with a Celtic influence , Intuition Storyteller with a Tibetan and Indian influence and Creativity Storyteller who is influenced by Egypt.

I have also been on Soul Travel Journeys in my dreams to various Sacred Sites. When painting Spirit Storybooks I travelled in a dream to Kailash and for the Creativity Storyteller in Star Galaxy for the World. I also travelled to Egypt in a dream with another dreamer when doing a workshop with Robert Moss . It doesn’t happen too often but have found I can remote view places in dreams .. like I went to Nazca in a dream with the guidance of a Peruvian Shaman. Some of the development of the two photos on the Sacred Stone travels shown here came about with dream work I did with a Mexican Shaman just recently and traveled to Chichen Itza.

Travels to Bali and been important to us as as it is filled with Creativity and Spirit as we have held 5 Spirit of Writing and Art Events there and I have traveled there nine times. I find is fascinating that it is one of the two interception points between the Male Great Dragon and Female Great Dragon Ley Lines. See the photo above.

Many friends have shared their Travel Stories and these of course have also been inspiration to me over the years in both writing and painting.

And so I ask, “Do you have a travel story of travelling to a Sacred Site  or one in Soul Travel in your dreams to share? Please let me know and we can post something either on this Create a Dream Blog or Dale’s Druidical Quest.

Thanks Della

Made a Medicine Wheel Mesa and put a stone for each Sacred place. Now do meditations for Peace and Harmony for the World with this Wheel.