THE THREE QUEENS ENTER with the Bright Star of the Conjunction –Peruvian Shaman – Puma Fredy Quispe Singona. There are many wonderful people who are part of it. I was glad we met on Solstice as it was such a special time and powerful time with the eclipse beforehand, the shortest day of the year and to top it off conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter.

Puma Fredy Quispe Singona

Since it was such a special time I gave an early Christmas gift to my husband Dale Bertrand to study with the Peruvian Shaman Puma Fredy Quispe Singona. In the last class he gave preparations for the Winter Solstice. Dale shared with me what Puma had said – ‘ because it is the coming of the Sixth Sun it is particularly powerful and since it is the Dark Sun or Dream Sun (as Sergio Magana had mentioned to me earlier) , Puma had mentioned it is the time when the sacred Feminine Energy is so strong and we must acknowledge this and forgive for any wrongdoing done to the feminine e.g. LIKE Gaia – Mother Earth. He also said also something special that the bright star we see calls IN not the 3 Wise Men, as it did when the Christ Child was born, but now the THREE QUEENS who represent powerful energy in the cosmos. He said we can take a crystal and say ‘humpay Pachamama” and put in the energy of the three Queen and blow in it three times from the solar plexus.I

I had shared this with a Dream group and was touched how each of them saw the THREE QUEENS and what they symbolized for them. They were each individual as so it should be. For me the three Queens coming in represent Gratitude, Kindness and Peace and the birth of the Age of Aquarius. I had also shared the art I had done when studying the chakras of the earth. I first studied Robert Coon’s drawing and added for me further place of meaning as we had visited them or for me that I felt a personal energy in.I mentioned in particular Titkaka, Stonehenge, Kailash, Bali and Uluru. It was mentioned maybe we could journey and see if we get some information re the 3 Queens in these Sacred places. Various people in the group used drums to take us on the journey. It was very special for me to see various people journey and go to these sacred places and have visions.

Inspired by Robert Coon .. map of the chakras of the World by Della

My husband Dale had a dream that night of this new era being not a ‘me but a we’ era.During the drumming I felt a strong energy of the point were the two Dragon Ley line cross – Titikaka and Bali and recently created a Tara Humminbird Goddess combining the energy of Peru and Bali and Tibet. I felt the energy of the different Goddesses from different cultures merging and could see at a future time doing some paintings of Combination Goddesses.

Tara Hummingbird by Della Burford

Puma also said it is a good time to make intentions for the world and for ourselves to and to do the same process with the crystal. Again the same thing say “humpay” and blow into the crystal it three times. If we have made one intention for ourselves and want to change it later just say it again and blow in once rather then three time.I have been focusing on the Sacred Places, Mountains, and Monoliths on my map. I have chosen one stone for each place and have them on a Medicine Wheel. I got the idea of putting stones on my mesa for Sacred places when studying with Don Oscar Miro Quesada. I started with 12 stones and now have 36 stones.

Stone chosen for Mesa with places Della and Dale traveled to – 7 still to visit.

I will keep stones on my mesa for this year and put special thoughts of strength for the people and raise of consciousness on these energy on the map. I have seen various people dancing from various places in the world in my dreams. Because of these dreams I have made a map of various places my stories have been told, performed and dances and also dancers we have seen perform from various countries. I love the combination of story, art and dance and want to be part of various projects combining these this year. One vision is a storytelling dance of my ‘Star Galaxy for the World’ story.

Many dances – One Spirit