I will share some of this work during this Seven Year Cycle in January in the “Create a Dream” Blog

I think of as seven year period as the “Divine Cycle

A few events in a nutshell:

Went to Toronto and did a workshop “Make an Angel for Japan” with the Healing Angels from Miracle Galaxy. This was a Earth Child Foundation project.

Thanks to:
Pat Brennan
Jacque Howardson
S Yongjin in Korea
Trevor at Inspire Health.
Gloria in Mexicio
I Made Sidia and all of his family
Howard Jerome / Alice Jerome
David Walsh/ Tom Walsh
Brenda Parres
Yasmin Glanville
Merian Soto
Dale Bertrand
Chris Kuderle
Lynne Moorehouse
Aroon Shivadasani
Marijke Sluitjer

Favourite and Important Dreams:
“Donna is Crysanthemum” (put this in Star Galaxy)
“had very powerful dream of spirals and the milky way..and when woke up did drawing of “Miracle Galaxy”
“shown the different spheres in the Miracle Galaxy as Lotus mandalas” ( Both these dreams in combination became the cover for Miracle Galaxy.)
“Swinging on the trunk of an elephant.
Dream Wheels‘ as a moving picture with words”
Book of Dream Wheels” ( Published and available on Amazon)
“had a dream of a ferris wheel and pictures
screens on the chairs of the wheel”
Shiva dream”
“Saw a Dream Wheel in the center and pictures from the Dream Wheel around.( I did collages for the book of Dream Wheels)
“ saw native man who with a clap of thunder gave me beadwork” ( Put his in a video )
After I visited Foco Tonal told to paint. (Produced a Foco Tonal video)
“change from bird to mermaid .. sprouted water”
“ Bird Helmet with double headed eagle
“many dreams connected to “Spirit Stories”(Collaboration with Arron Zerah as the writer)
“I walk thru the Medicine Wheel to the edge and looked at myself and out into the cosmos”(put this into the story of Star Galaxy)
Lucid Dream World”
“having many Divine dreams
“Double Headed Eagle on Bird Helmet”
“Man’s head became white bird” Dolphins jumping out of muscles.
Jaguar with singing deer at centre of face.. bird”
Buddha on the white lotus” “One lotus in another with auras. Mountain of hands”.
Flying fish”( in Kailash) ” “Many spiritual being circling around an lotus with auras” (Did a paint of many spiritual being around a lotus)
Cosmic Man
Clown Pair”and Woman” (put a Wonder Clown storyteller in Star Galaxy)
Flying Turtle” (Put a turtle with a Fairy in Dream Gifts for the Planet Earth.

Inspired by my Diary, Paintings and Dream Wheels and also our photographs

Many project below were Earth Child Environment Foundation projects. ( 1-5 )

1. Had launch of Miracle Galaxy in Toronto.

3. Storytold at two schools in Mexico. Los Ayala and Gaudelajara.

4. Worked with I Made Sidia in Bali with children. Storytold and also had children make books. Worked on “all is one” Paintings.

5. Show paintings and did workshop” Angels for Japan” in Toronto – Japan had just had a serious tsunami and earthquake

and this workshop was to show solidarity with them. It was held at David Walsh‘s 6 St. Joseph’s St.

Storytelling in N.Y.C.

6. Dale and I are artists in “artists in residence” program for the Nanaimo Art Gallery. One project was making Environmental Posters.

7. Painted “Dance of Life” – studied the mische technique with Oleg Korolev.