I am so excited that Miracle Galaxy is being storytelling -danced in Japan this week. . During this time of the Spring Equinox and the May Day coming up it is perfect.

We have all on the Planet Earth gone thru a difficult time this year and this is a story of Healing and Rejuvenation.

The Story goes into a place called the “Miracle Galaxy” where we meet the eight Angels of Healing who are like Goddesses and some Fairy-like.

The Angel come to bring health and happiness. In the book of the story you pretend you are a child. When you lose your strength….

Wise Lotus One says, ” You are having a problem and going thru a crisis but you should view it differently – it

is really an opportunity to achieve a goal by a different route. You can heal yourself.”

You are told to go to the Miracle Galaxy and meet the Angel Storytelling Friends (very Goddess and some Fairy – like) who help living thing shine light in the dark. Here you can make Stories, Art, Dance and hear Music and Song.

You precede to meet the Good Thoughts, Peace, Kindness, Thank You, Willpower, Dream, Intuition and Creativity Angels.

So there was many insights on this journey when I was writing and painting it and for you to go on the journey. At the end there is a Dance around the Maypoleto celebrate Spring.

And this takes us to the Vernal Equinox Spring Equinox and also May Day.

There is a beautiful video made in Japan of the story of “Miracle Galaxy”. May we all have a time of new energy of spring and our flowers and blossoming.

Thanks Seung Yong Kim for the video and Thanks Rei Idehara for the photos. I will share the video and some of the photos from the video . Thanks to the Japan Cultural Agency

My love to all.

My note to the group in Japan : The photo above is from the launch in 2021 In the photo the Angels are Intuition, Goodness, Peace, Kindness, and Gratitude. Thanks to the Producer Ruu Ruu who is also the costume designer.. Thanks for the beautiful costumes! Also thanks to the musicians Mui Kono and Jo Zaczkowski – Fairy Floss . Also in photo is is Willpower, Creativity, Lotus One and Dreams. Good Thoughts – Sawa Hashimoto, Satoko Rico Takeuchi – Dream Angel, Uoomin Asami – Thank you Angel, Noriko Akaisuka – Willpower Angel, Yoko Yuprak Miyauchi – Intuition, Momoka – Kindness Angel, Alice – Lotus one and Peace Angel Yuko Nawa Inui.

Cover of the ‘Miracle Galaxy” by Della Burford.

I hope the story will be told to many people. My love to all for manifesting this Vision of Peace, Love and Divine Light for our world today. Della

Dream Angel – Satoko Rico Sateuchi
Invitation to show o Miracle Galaxy on May 9th 2021