In August 2020 had a dream and was talking on the phone to Philip Rubinov Jacobsen. Just a friendly kind of chatting like he was in the almost next door. Funny haven’t really been that in touch but know he is into dreaming so maybe that is why the connection was made.

Della (I) had a dream with Ernst Fuchs and decided to study painting at the Old Masters/New Visions/ with Philip Rubinov Jacobsen. I learned the mische technique – a renaissance way of painting. Felt this technique would help me paint my dream. This photo below is at this Ernst Fuchs Museum where at one time Ernst Fuchs painted and lived. His painting is in the background.

I showed Philip a mock up of my Dream Wheels book and got feedback from him .. a master of painting from dreams.

Another dream was to go to the Ernst Fuchs Chapel, in Klagenfurt. Many people said they wanted to go but could’nt and in the end realized it was a Vision Quest and I was meant to go alone. As often on Vision Quest there are many obstacles and I have shown these in a video I made. But in the end saw a precious jewel.

Della at t the Fuchs Chapel in Klagenfurt.

While in Austria, I showed my paintings in a group exhibition at Arthoff Gallery near Vienna. There was another show in Vienna where I met many artists who became part of my Dream Wheels book in a section called “We come together to Dream.”

I have always encourages others to paint their dreams and still do today.

We Come Together to Dream.