What  a wonderful feeling to feel the ‘Mother of the World’ energy again in having a conversation with Michele George. A dear friend Pat Brennan introduced us and we talked for an hour about life and what dominated was the amazing creativity of developing one’s imagination, voice and inner creativity. What a life she has had in living this to the maximum and helping others find their “voice”.

‘Madonna Oriflamma’ painting with Della Burford standing in front at the Roerich Museum

  Just after chatting I did a yoga class with one of my favourites Padma and what was the topic ‘ Shakti’ and felt such a connection to the realization of the transformative power to change and the quote that came up that  “we can create that channel in ourselves to try to manifest what we want to create in the world.  Manifesting our greatest dreams into reality”.  – quote from Laxmi Stotrum.

   Getting back to the ‘Mother of the World’ – Roerich , a Russian artist, did this amazing painting in the 1924 and many more of the healing powers of yoga and the beauty of  the Himalayan mountain where he lived for part of his life. I knew an artist in Toronto Shizuye Takashima that admired him greatly and started a group about the Pact of Peace which Roerich created to promote peace and protection of all the world’s cultural heritage. Both he and also Shizuke practiced Agni Yoga that believed there is a portal of Divine Power that raised humans to help each other , the planet and all living things.

‘Mother of the World’ painted by Nicholas Roerich in 1924

I have been feeling this as working on my latest projects –  creating the ‘Star Galaxy for the World ‘ and Earth Action.’

     Because Shizuye Takashima knew I went to New York for the performances of my story Dodoland she asked if I could go to the museum and pick up some slides of Roerichs’s visionary art to show in a project her and I were doing with prisoners at the Metropolitan Toronto Detention Centre. She felt it was important to lift their spirits.  She showed the slides to the men prisoners and we botI worked with woman prisoners and the main goal was to lift their spirits.

Page from Art for One World – 50 years of Art for One World – book featuring Della Burford, Dale Bertrand and Kazuko Asaba
Page about Della and Shizuye Takashima work in a Toronto prison

     With Covid and so many of us feeling the restrictions and lockdowns and being separately from those we love, it is more important than ever to connect to these

and other sacred painting that portray the Sacred Divine Energy and also the beauty of nature.

      I went to the Roerich Museum when in New York the last time a couple of years ago. In looking at the painting of Nicholas Roerich I was reminded of the transformational enery and in looking at the painting of the Mother of the World of Mother Nature and Divine Energy creating forms of the universe.

    Let’s all remember our own ‘Shakti

during this challenging time. Let’s strengthen the channels in ourselves to create from the portal of Divine Power. It is the time of the Lion’s Gate and time to manifest our dreams into reality.

Thanks Michele for the chat .. you are a soul sister.

Della in front of Self Portrait of Nicholas Roerich
At the Nicholas Roerich Museum in N.Y.C. there are many paintings of the Himalayas