The Network of Art and Learning asked if I would like to contribute a video to be shown at their conference – “Creative Convergence in October of 2021 . Dale Bertrand videoed me one afternoon on the topic regarding the Pandemic – “Alienation to Activation”.  I spoke of how the Network for Art and Learning put out a call that they were very concerned about the artists two months after the Pandemic started with the social distancing, and lock downs and emergency situation in place.

I was really feeling the alienation and participated in a number of Roundtables and it was really good to talk online about our feelings with others and try to be creative with some solutions with artists and art organizations.

 In thinking of recovering from crisis I thought of my “Miracle Galaxy” Book which I wrote when recovering from cancer. It looks at the ways of being in surviving a crisis. It has since been shared with Cancer patients and those supporting them. It was also shared with the Peace handbook made for the survivors of the New Town tragedy and a Peace Garden.

   When it was performed in Japan I knew that this could not be only a self healing story but a story to heal the World and started writing “Star Galaxy for the Worl”d.

    I heard Sergio Magana a healer from Mexico say recently: “If you have Monster Situations usually something (even many things) else happens within 5 or 6 years that is extraordinary.” this I have found to be true.

This was encouraging as I had two difficult situations to deal with. One is I broke my femur in an accident and had to learn to walk again. When recovering I did the painting gradually as I was able to sit upright for the Star Galaxy for the World. Margaret Mead said “ she felt civilization started when she found bones in an archeological site o people who had recovered from a femur break as those around them took care of them”

This I lived out the compassion and care taking care of me.

The next year we all got hit with the consequences of the Covid Pandemic in the World.  I still was not able to walk up our steep driveway but did communicate with a lot of others online. I saw my Miracle Galaxy Angel and Star Galaxy Storytellers of Kindness acting out on the World Stage as so many health care workers and doctors were desperately looking after those who were and still are ill. I also saw the Peace Storyteller acting out as many wise ones remind us to go inside and find the peace within. I knew the arts was one was to overcome the fear and was so happy to see another artist start the Non Stop Vision Train for artist – this reminded me of the Creativity Storyteller and they have art instruction 24 hours a day and have had it nonstop since Covid started.

Str Galaxy Storytellers – Gratitude, Kindness, Peace and Creativity

    Another theme seemed to be wanting a reconnection with nature. This is when I decided to work with the Buckminster Fuller Space Camp program to work on an Activity Book for Magical Earth Secrets. I am so happy to have an opportunity now to be part of the 2nd coheart of the Design Science Center of the Buckminster Fuller Institute.

Working on Earth Action with the Buckminster Fuller Space Camp … Della is now part of the Design Science Center (2nd Coheat) with the Buckminster Fuller Foundation for 2021/2022

  So I have shared this story for the Creative Convergence Conference. I asked two questions – What good things have come from the Pandemic? And What action can we take for the environment?

Similar qualities that I tell in my story came up – Lisa mentioned Empathy. Heather Patience. Drama- Rest and Cecilia and Connection to Self and Nature, Emily time to reconnect to self and family.  

Allan in answering the second questions said to reconnect to food, make clothes and recycle, Drema – creating less waste, and Cecilia having a simpler way of living. Paul mentioned a slower way of life forced us to be more imaginative in things to do.

   I was pleased to meet many wonderful people . Sandra was an indigenous artist that danced the hoop dance. Louise was so involved in so many ways to be creative and was amazed at the similar interests . Deidre has an art studio and is doing art with children. There was a video on making accordion books of one’s life story. Another on making Body Maps that trace our body feelings and colors that represent it.  There was even an artist from Melbourne who had virtual galleries.

    To my surprise Art Facilitator who was part of the conference Pamela said when her son was 7 years old he got a copy of my Magical Earth Secrets — and she still has it and she will give it back to him one day … maybe when he has nieces or nephews or even children. He is now 37.  This make me feel good that my story will live on. Now it has a new life with the addition of Earth Action.

Thanks to all of the people who have worked so hard to make this Conference meaningful  – like Jennifer Petrilli and Lawrence O’Farrell and all those that attended. One major theme was making Wellness part of the Arts. I am all for this! Take care everyone!