From Globetree to many projects for children of the world

I attended Globetree in 1988 in Sweden where the children presented at the Concert Hall on what they wanted for the future. I met many people committed to helping the environment.

We have kept in touch. This morning ( 2021) I got a message – that CNN is doing a FIRST EVER CALL TO EARTH

program. We participated and this is our project in an image in the wrap up video.

They stated for this: “Globetree would like to celebrate Mother Tree in Nairobi which was planted 20 years together with

children on the 10th November. Mother Tree can get in contact with trees in cities in Sweden, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania –

which have been inaugurated to be Children’s Meeting Place – where local leaders listen and learn from children”. They would

like children to make environmental art showing their concern and what can be done for a better world. The children can bring the

art to their Children’s Meeting Place – the tree near the City Hall and send the art to Globetree and we bring the art to the Mother

Tree at UN, Nairobi. A very beautiful birthday gift for the Mother Tree – to get contact with her children – the local trees.

This year they informed me of a Stone Circle –

On World Environment Day the 5th of June Globetree inaugurated the Stone Circle ONLY ONE EARTH with rocks from all 21 regions of Sweden. At the centre of the Stone Circle ONLY ONE ERTH  is a small replica of the huge iron ore at UN, New York. The Stone Circle ONLY ONE EARTH  is a Memory Site of an important event 50 years ago when the Swedish Government took the initiative to call for the first UN Conference on the Environment. We want children in Sweden to be reminded of this important event. The conference was called ONLY ONE EARTH and it was decided UN shall have an environment program UNEP and the 5th of June shall be the World Environment Day – the day the conference started.

The Stone Circle ONLY ONE EARTH is placed on the ground of the Royal Garden by the Folke Bernadotte Bridge next to the Ethnographical Museum of Stockholm.

Many environmental projects done after the inspiration of attending Globetree in Sweden.

They have also said: “If you are engaged in environmental work – make it known to CNN and the world!” So I have put together a

photos of projects done by Dale Bertrand , myself, and many other people devoted to the environment with environmental themes. I posted the photos on Facebook. It is particularly meaningful to us as the story “Magical Earth Secrets”

Magical Earth Secrets by Della Burford. Some backgrounds by Dale Bertrand

was told by the children at Globetree in Stockholm before it was a book or many projects had been done like the Dodoland website

and the theatre/dance project in Japan. Magical Earth Secrets – Rainbow Wings has been produced in Japan by Kazuko Asaba and Ruu Ruu for seven years. Then Miracle Galaxy has been produced in Japan by Ruu Ruu which was the story that inspired Star Galaxy for the World. They storytold and danced the Miracle story at the Kozubuka Festival in 2022 in Japan. See photo below of the group. It has also been an environmental project in Korea and a storytelling was done at the Jeju Island World Festival where Della and Dale represented Canada. This was a Earth Child Environment Foundation project. In 2022 the website of Dodoland was updated and included the Magical Earth Secrets story. The Dodoland website was one of the first ezines for children created in 1995 and has had 2 million people visit.

We were also in Mexico and doing environmental art. See photo of Della and a student at the beginning of this article. Also made a wonderful connection while at Globetree to Marijke Sluitjer in Holland who translated Magical Earth Secrets to Dutch. Just last year this was made into a video with Paul Vrenken. We have so many to thank. Thanks to Allycia Uccello for the work she is doing in art and puppets in Toronto. Her and I worked together for many year with the Inner City Angels for 17 years doing program with children in Toronto. I saw at least 300 children a week. It is from the Inner City Angels I learned of the Globetree. Its a small world. Thanks also to David Walsh in Toronto for his encouragement.

Magical Earth Secrets (Majical Rainbow) in Japan. Produced by Kazuko Asaba and Ruu Ruu who also did Costumes.

Performance of Miracle Galaxy Japan 2020 Thanks to Ruu Ruu for costumes, Masa – good thoughts, Satoko Rico Takeuchi – Dream, Uoomin Asami – Thank you Angel, Noriko Akaisuka – Wiilpower Angel, Yoko Yuprak Miyauchi – Intuition, , Momoka – Kindness Angel. Music Mui Kono and Jo Zakowski.
I hope the story will be told to many people in the future and new story Star Galaxy too which was inspired by Miracle.
Miracle Galaxy performed in Japan 2020 … video done in 2021 by Seung Yong Kim but performance cancelled re Covid restrictions. Looking to new opportunities in 2022. Thanks to all!
Thanks to Rei Idehara for the photo.

Also the Made Sidia’s family in Bali has been an important part of our work who we met in

Sweden. We are presently working on a project with the children on “Star Galaxy for the World”.

Been working in 2021-22 with Julian Ramirez from San Diego in which we created a Topia world called Star Galaxy for the World and also Della created a Topia immersive world for Dodoland. Julian also he created 3-D project in New Art City, and also a short animated film as part of the Design Science Studio program of the Buckminster Fuller Institute. This film will now be at the I AM PEACE Summit in Columbia in Ocober 2022.

Thanks also to Dale Bertrand for art, tech for voice over to Freeman and music by Struppi.

Also the animated film screened at a local school in Nanaimo for a Call to Earth project in 2022 and we have done an art followup “Ocean Painting” as the theme is about protecting the ocean.

Made Sidia at this dance school Paripurna in Bali.

I am collecting art (posters) for projects for a Earth Action project. We Will also be doing a program at Departure Bay school for a making poster workshop with a mission to add to the Earth Action in a Trimtab Space Camp program with the Buckminster Fuller Institute.

Jon Van Meter has done a video of the story and guide. It is feature in the “Dodoland” Topia. Below is also a link to the Star Galaxy for the World Topia.

If you know any children who would like to add art “of their concern and what can be done for a better future in the world”as Globetree suggested to me please get in touch

with me. Dale Bertrand is helping me on this project. Looking for “Wishes for the Future”. Have many Poster suggestions in the guide with themes such as Endangered Animals, Trees, Water protection, Air protection, Organic Gardening and good Agricultural practices, Alternative energy and No plastics. Looking for Wishes for the Future.Thanks Della

Art workshop facilitated by Della and Dale in Mexico … this will be continued in Jan – Feb 2021.

Thanks Della Burford

From Globetree to many projects for children of the world

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