The program I have been part of at the Design Science Studio of the Buckminster Fuller Institute is finishing with a bang with Regenera. Here is the invite. Come for the last celebration on May 1st.

Join us April 21st- May 1st, for regen·era rising: our annual virtual summit to celebrate the Regenaissance, a decade-long global movement to co-create a world that works for 100% of life!

Together we will launch 144(r)Evolutionary projects, each helping co-create and propel the transition this future!

Mobilize for this historical moment for planetary regeneration as we celebrate the re-emergence of regen·era, a story-universe created by the Design Science Studio to scaffold thousands of anticipatory art and design-driven projects and ideas throughout the decade ahead to create a better world.

Mobilize April 21st for an 11 day virtual summit to inspire planetary cooperation through immersive experiences, celebrations, talks, workshops and art. I felt honored to have Jon D Van Meter do a film about the book “Earth Action” and Virgil Scott do a song around the Cycles of Nature. These both have a link now in the Topia site of Dodoland.

I also feel the dream to make my stories and art into immersive art has began to become true. I have been privileged to work with Julian Ramirez on a Topia immersive experience of Star Galaxy for the World and a installation at the New Art City. He has also done a short animated film of the story.

Since a new website for Dodoland is being developed decided to also do a Topia immersive experience for Dodoland. They is the nexus of the mythical world of Dodoland.

The last two days I was honored to be included in in two youtube videos of these. What a fantastical 2 day journey within the 10 day event, I was able to do this tour led by Evo Heyning and a few of Design Science Studio cohort members Brian Krawitz, Julian Ra, Susan Oslin and Serena Treppiedi, come view the magic on YouTube and also show some support for the 1 more day of regen·era Rising- A Global Confluence for Creators of Regenerative Future. These are links in Facebook.

Thanks to all the administrators who are part of the Design Science Studio – Roxi Shohadee, Faith Flanigan, Amanda Joy Ravenhill, Bliss Alberts and Nico Alcala. Also big thanks to the Vision Train.

See the videos below: Metaverse Art Tour – New Art City with the Artists of Regenera – (A Story created by this Design Science Studio Community)

The amazing projects created in New Art City by various artists of the Design Science Studio. Julian Ramirez speaks about him creating Della’s story Star Galaxy for the World. Many different artists that were part of the Design Science program’s work is shown in this video. Look at it all if you can.

This is the second day of the Metaverse Art Tour – to visit Topia and Alternative Realities

Metaverse Art Tour – Visiting Dodoland – Star Galaxy of the World and also Multiverse Poetry by Mony and some sites in Natura in Regenera … Brian shares his Alternative realities and at the end also shared Dehanna Rice’s Healing Heaven.

Visit Dodoland and Star Galaxy for the World Topia. We also visit the Multiverse Poetry World of Mony . We also visit the Altreality of Brian Krawitz’s work in Unity Sanctuary. At the end of this video we go to Dehanna Rice’s Healing Heaven which Della designed around the work of Dehanna Rice on breath, qijong, imagery, sound and open focus. Background is Desiree’s painting, Flower photos by Dale Bertrand. Mandala – Julian. I have put a link to the Healing Heaven Topia here.

Below Healing Heaven is a link at Regenera Live which shows Julian Ramirez presenting his work. Included in this is my story “Star Galaxy for the World” animated and then a presentation of incredible light photos by Stefanie Schwartz . Thanks to the Design Science Studio.