Time is flying by… just finishing the  seven week course with Robert Moss called Time Travel in the multiverse.

First class talked about time as an illusion. Robert spoke of how Einstein said “ Dreams are essential to my line of work”. I thought “ For me also”  as I use my dreams in my paintings and stories . I thought of my Crystal Cup in the story of Dodoland that came from a dream and my many journeys in dreams to the Giant Flower Islands which Dale Bertrand created with macro- photographs for the book.  Travelled in the class first honoring the gatekeeper Ganesash and the Multi-eyed Oracle and was able to travel to many place .. the FUTURE… PAST and to a place where the time is NOW. I journeyed to meet the Flower People. I also met animals allies and  birds like eagle, turtle, tiger, deer, fox, squirrel, zebra and an elephant. Also important was the peacock and bluebirds. In dreams there were also spiritual allies – guides like Buddha and shown in a dream how Buddha was represented in different countries and also in dreams I was meeting many special friends.  

The next class we talked about dream of the future and déjà vu dreams. We went into a River journey which became a portal to a Giant Eye and Crystal in the Center and the feeling of a new beginning. I felt excited to see myself as performing a storytelling like I did in Newport Beach many years ago at a Children’s Festival. It was a theatre setting and in each circle of tables that were like islands were there were different stories featured I had written and painted.  I felt it had a connection to Bali and travelling. I was also told in a Night Dream that the Night Bubble in Dodoland was a place to visit multi-dimensional worlds. I had dreams of people sharing art around a table. In a later class talked of Tolkien and C.S Lewis’s inspiration of dreams in developing their alternative realities.  

Reality: I did perform at a Children’s Festival in Newport and was on a circular stage and images of my paintings from story were on a screen as I told the story.

Making a new website for Dodoland which has been up 25 years on the internet. It does include also separate portal to Magical Earth Secrets and my latest story Star Galaxy for the World. Also I created an immersive environment in the Design Science Studio program of the Buckminster Fuller Institute last year on Topia of Star Galaxy for the world and Dodoland which does have portals to other stories, a 3-D world was also created and short animation was done of my dream story by Julian Ramirez.

There were many people in the class with Robert in the break out groups and also on the Facebook group sharing dreams and some with drawing and feel this was connected to my dream of “art around a table”.

Action plan: This helped me visualize a graphic ideas for the new website. Also imagined in the future a setting with tables with table cloth , object representing different stories where people have the choice to get immersed in the story they choose. Will continue to create immersive art with my stories as the Topia worlds I am creating show my stories in an island format. Look forward to taking the website, immersive worlds and physical reality of this “island dream ‘further.

Below I will share a short video showing the Dodoland Topia.