What is “Call to Earth”?????????

“Call to Earth is CNN’s commitment to reporting on the environmental challenges facing our planet, together with the solutions. In partnership with Rolex as part of their Perpetual Planet initiative, our goal is to drive awareness, action and education around key issues, inspiring a blueprint for a more environmentally conscious life.”
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For Call to Earth we have a screening of the “Star Galaxy for the World” animation by Julian Ramirez of Quantic- Creations of Della Burford’s story of the same name “Star Galaxy for the World”. It is the story about the Earth is being polluted and the ocean polluted and Star Child sees auras fading. Starchild is guided to find the magic words to help the earth and oceans. The premise is “with more gratitude, kindness, peace and creative action balance can and will be restored to the planet again. This story and the animated film screening will be done as a CALL TO EARTH project.

The process of how the animation was created is fascinating. It started out as the book -“Star Galaxy for the World” Then Della & Julian were part of the Design Science Studio program of the Buckminster Fuller Institute and they started to work on developing the idea of having gratitude, kindness, creativity, and peace on our planet into various creative projects. Buckminster Fuller’s philosophy was shared in the book and into the energy of the all projects as well.

Della’s book of “Miracle Galaxy’ – sister story to Star Galaxy of the World (which she developed in becoming a cancer survivor) is a performance in Japan and has the Angels of Healing with qualities to survive a crisis. The Producer at 100% Parade of her previous story Magical Earth Secrets Ruu Ruu produced it. She handmade beautiful costumes for each healer.

When Della saw it performed she knew she should make this story not only for individual healing but for the world’s healing. She started to write “Star Galaxy for the World’. It was very relevant as during the development it was very evident that many qualities of healing in the story were important because of how the pandemic affected so many people in the world.

They first started with developing a Topia world called “Star Galaxy for the World” with many interactive activities such as being able to join others in the world, see art projects, and join in broadcasting one’s own poems or songs. Dale Bertrand also helped in this with research and contributed art for the platonic solids. After the collaboration in Topia Julian created a 3-D world in New Art City which is shown in the video shown at the bottom hosted by Evo Heyning on the Art in the Metaverse. Brian Krawitz and Serena Treppiedi were also on the panel.

The next step was for Julian to created an animation which took many months of work. It makes a plea to take ACTION in our world with kindness, gratitude, and peace action and to use one’s creativity for showing our love for the earth and create transformation. In the animation Richard Struppi composed the music. Dale Bertrand contributed art for the platonic solids. Freeman did the tech for the voice over. The ocean is a large part of this project as paintings on the platonic solids were done from paintings with an art technique called “ocean painting”.

Della and Dale will hold a screening at a Departure Bay school in Nanaimo on October 19th for the “Call to Earth” project.

After the screening of Star Galaxy for the world will do a Q/A time which will include questions on the animation from the audience and ask them -” how we can protect the ocean”?. We live right 5 minutes from the ocean so this is very relevant to all of us. The theme of this years Call to Earth is “Living Oceans: Turning the Tide”. In keeping with the theme Della and Dale will demonstrate the ocean technique way of painting so those in the workshop can do a painting and then add onto it a special sea creature they particularly love and want to protect. The paintings will all represent “to love and protect our ocean” and can be shared on Call to Earth Day on November 3rd 2022. Since creating this video of the process of going from book – theatre and immersive worlds we have just had a screening of the animation at the I AM PEACE Summit in Columbia in October 3-7 th of 2022. We would like to share in as many ways as possible this important work. Special thank you to the Design Science Studio of the Buckminster Fuller Institute and the support you gave us in the development.

Video made to show some of the process before the animation was done.

The music in the video is from CNN and called “optimistic”

Call to Earth – Gratitude, Peace, Kindness for our Living Earth