Milestones”  Other point of viewDreamMilestone How expressed 
 Felt from 1975– 81 was my “Birth” “Transformation”
cycle. In 1975 Rented a studio on Markham St. in Toronto from Ed Mirvish .. only $35 a month…….let the paint flow and what emerged was Dodoland. ( As synchronicity has it was standing waiting or my luggage when coming from the Dodoland show in N.Y.C. and who was standing beside me but Ed Mirvish. I told him about painting Dodoland in the studio on Markham St.)
In meditation and from dreams created Wise Lotus One. Dodoland was painted from imagination and dreams. Dreams in Dodoland included the Crystal Cup of Neptune, Unicorn (Cooey), Singing Tree and after creating the Dragon Ship had many of the fantasy animals in my dreams.    
Dale   Virgil Scott   Ava Stone   Tom and Sal
(Michael Wesslink)
Brenda Parres
John Mcleod
Bruce McCarthy
Al Malone
Lynne Fernie
Rolland Proulx

    “Running in a field with fabric changing color”  

 “like to publish a book called “Doing It” .. stories.. games”

“Dream of Cosmic One”
  Painting Dodoland.    “Journey to Dodoland” exhibited at  Humber College Gallery and at ‘Our Own Studio’ on Markham St. Mirvish Village St. Toronto 
1976  In the 70’s studied Zen meditaton with Samu Sunim – (The Venerable Samu Sunim, born Sam-Woo Kim, is a Korean Seon sunim of the Jogye Order. He received Dharma transmission from Zen Master Weolha Sunim in 1983.) 
Decided also to do Yoga and learn more about the chakras. Studied both Kundalini and Hatha yoga. Received an Arts Council grant for a project at Niagara on the Lake – Parliament Oak School
Gurutej   Sal & Tom
  “ I am sitting on the lotus but the lotus is in you”  Continued painting for “Journey to Dodoland” Painted the “Wise Lotus One” 
1976 – I ( Della Burford) rented a studio in Mirvish village in Toronto – ‘Journey to Dodoland’ was started. Studying meditation with a Zen monk and also yoga. Took ‘Dodoland’ to the students of Parliament Oak school before it was a book. Was teaching part-time at Humber College – Interior Design and the History of Fashion and Design to Fashion students. Exhibited paintings at the Humber College Gallery.
‘Wise Lotus One’ painted by Della Burford in 1977 after a dream of the ‘Cosmic One’
‘Wise Lotus One’ by Della Burford (Watercolor) 1977