Many projects were done around the Giant Flower Island which is part of Dodoland and are macro- photographs by Dale Bertrand. The flowers show the beauty of the earth and are a nature retreat in Dodoland. The children pretend they are large and you can climb in them and see new things and hear music. The deeper you go the more beautiful it becomes.

Living in the Giant Flower Island was Buzzz the Bee. The man who published Dodoland Dr. Dick Mazurek was a doctor and like my other friends I asked him : what would you like to be if you can be anything in Dodoland? He became Buzzz the Bee as he said the bees were the most important of all. He was ahead of his time and soo right he was and who would of thought forty years later the bee would be in the trouble it is today. Let’s all have the vision of Dick and remember to love and protect the bee.

Macro-photos by Dale Bertrand
Page from ‘Art for One World’ by Della Burford