I have recorded my dreams on what I call ‘Dream Wheels” for 40 years.

When I was doing this I said to myself “After 30 years I will share this idea!”

Well now is the time and I have put them is a book called ‘Dream Wheels‘.

Try Making your own Dream Wheels!

You can put a month of dreams on one wheel.

if you like doing You can a wheel showing one year.

The Dream Wheel has three rings.

The Center Ring is important everyday events following the four seasons.

On the Outer Ring are dreams that are inspirational and also wise dreams. You can write a title for each dream.

The Middle Ring is a small drawings that symbolizes the dream and like the title reminds you of the dream and is a Portal to return.

I find to make a Dream Wheel makes it possible to look at my dreams for the year very quickly. It is like a yearly Calendar of Dreams. I have used many dreams from my Dream Wheels in my Writing and Art because of this way of remembering I have been able to incorporate many dreams into my stories and art.

This is a Dream Wheels done by Della Burford for the year 1985.
This page is from the book “Dream wheels” by Della Burford