I integrated a dream of dancing in front of my paintings into the Production of Journey to Dodoland that was done in New York City.I also got many ideas for costumes for the Production from my dreams. Since I was doing workshops with children in Toronto I had many ideas to make the Production more interactive.

There has been major transformations of both children and adults as they heard the “Dodoland” Story and the reassurance that they could “be what they wanted to be” – become their dreams.

We are honored to have Dodoland perform with the Imagination Unlimited theatre group in the early 1980s at the Museum of Natural History, Sloan Kettering Hospital, and at a Teachers’ Workshop at Columbia University and also at a special “uplifting the spirits” for the people at the Cuban Refugee Camp in Pennsylvania.

Dale Bertrand macro- flower photos from the Giant Flower Islands were included. Tedrian Chizik was an amazing Producer and Dancer and Merian Soto danced the part of the Dancing Flamingo beautifully. Jerry Shrair created music at the early stage of the show – later Larry Karush and after that Julie Lieberman. Diane Godynick (not Godford as shown from the page below from the book ‘Art for One World” ) helped in our educational programs and also performed.

Dodoland is now on the internet as http://www.dodoland.com and had 2 million individuals visit it. Dodoland in Cyberspace had been a labor of love by Della Burford and Dale Bertrand for twenty-five years.

The second edition book of ‘Journey to Dodoland is ‘Adventures in Dodoland‘.

This page is from the book ‘Art for One World’ by Della Burford